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Question of the Day - October 3rd - Friday

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We had pizza the other night and had to take a vote on where we were going to order the pizza from. Do you have several pizza places that you order from or just one?

Oldest son loves anything deep-dish from Pizza Hut and DH and I like thin crust from Domino's. Youngest son prefers it homemade.

So depending on my mood and whether I cook that night will depend on whether I make pizza, order pizza or pick it up on the way home. If I order pizza it must be voted on.
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We do have a favorite, but sometimes get pizza from somewhere else just for variety. We also make is ourselves occasionally.
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If i order in it's from Papa Joe's, but i love the stuffed crust ones from my supermarket best
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Well where I live there is no such thing as delivery!!

I like pizza from the mom and pop places in the area. I also get the take and bake pizza from Papa Murphy's. We never get pizza from the big chains.

We have ALOT of frozen pizza choices here. One of the grocery stores carries I bet 50 different brands. Not varieties but brands. It seems every bar/tavern markets their own pizza. Plus Wisconsin is home to Tombstone (founded in Medford,WI-now owned by Kraft Foods) and Jack's Pizza. One community has an enormous plant that makes many of the well known frozen brands.
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Before we moved, we would order pizza from Dominos (DH hates Pizza Hut). Now if we want pizza, we have a local place in town, Pizza Ranch. Or we buy a few to keep in the freezer. We don't have pizza often - maybe once a month.
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I am not a big pizza fan, when I was in college I worked in a pizza place and that really put me off it. However I do like to make Chicken Caesar Pizza's at home because they are so different.
I cheat though and use store bought pizza crusts.
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We usually order from Valentino's (a Nebraska Chain). Occasionally we'll try somewhere else but I refuse Pizza Hut (too greasy!)

Mmm Val's hamburger, cream cheese, and pineapple....
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Whenever John's parents get pizza for everyone, they always order it from Pizza Hut. I don't eat pizza myself though.
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Chain pizza places just aren't good anymore to me. Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa John's, etc. are just horrible quality these days. I have yet to find a great pizza place in Richmond yet.
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I don't care for chain pizza, I like a personally owned place, usually tastes much better, or I make my own dough and make my own, My parents used to own a pizza place in NY so it's 2nd nature for me to make it
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
I don't care for chain pizza, I like a personally owned place, usually tastes much better, or I make my own dough and make my own, My parents used to own a pizza place in NY so it's 2nd nature for me to make it
Ahhhh I need your recipe then! I haven't been able to successfully make pizza dough before!
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.....Uhhhhhhhhh,...depends of the mood.....
sometimes we ask to a local bussiness from here but sometimes we ask to Domino´s, Pizza Hutt or Bennedetti´s......
last weekend was introduce Caesar´s Pizza in my city! this weekend we go to try!

Delicious question Eva!
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Rob and I are having pizza for lunch today

We usually order pizza from a place called Italian Bistro. Oooh so good. They're really Italian, as well. We used to order from Papa Johns, but they cant even hold a candle to Italian Bistro.

We're going to a place called Andolini's for lunch, they've got great pizza too! But we rarely ever order out from there because they're far from where we live (and closer to where we work).
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I HATE pizza so I don't ever order it. To be honest my SO offered to buy a pizza last night and I said I'd rather have TV dinner.

And yes I know I'm a freak!
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We get the thin crust from Papa Murphy's alot.
I like the Pepperoni thin crust from Mountain Mikes.
I like to make our own also.
We also get Round Table and Extreme Pizza sometimes.
We only get thin crust pizza.
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I order from a few different places, all of them local mom-and-pops.
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When we order pizza, it's from this place. You can get thin, whole-wheat crusts or rice crusts. The ingredients are all very fresh and the sauce is made from scratch. Their specialty pizzas are SO GOOD.
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Local place, all fresh homemade kind of stuff. Resonable prices too.
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Dominoes baby
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I like to order from a place called Thomasino's and theiw Hawaian is amazing
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I'm a Pizza Hut fan myself, but my parents order theirs from a place called Favourite is quite good too, even though it's not very often we have it from there.

On the odd occasion we make our own home-made ones using French baguettes cut in half, topped with tomato purée, ham, pineapple and grated cheese, then we put them under the grill
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Absolutely loyal to Flying Wedge. It's local, their pizzas are seriously yummy. Our current favourite is the Baja Griller, but it's billed as a "summer feature", so unless they decide to add it to the regular menu, it may disappear soon. That would be sad, but then we'd revert to our previous fave, the Sicilian Express.
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I have several...Pizza Hut pan style of course. Domino's, Little Caesar's, Rocky Roccoco, Papa John's.....I'm not a huge fan of pizza, I just like the dough and sauce. lol
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Depending on my mood, pan pizza from Jet's, or thin crust from Pasquale's (mom & pop place down the street.)
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I'm forever loyal to Pyzano's!

Of course, they claim to be famous world wide, and though I wouldn't believe that any more than Rudy's Donut's down the street claiming the same thing, I believe Pyzano's should be! They have excellent pizza- both typical and specialty.

Though you get what you pay for, so I can't always afford Pyzano's. I may be forever loyal, but that doesn't mean it's exclusive! So cheaper choices are Round Table (hubby's favorite) and Little Ceaser's (about the worst quality, but best price!).

So if anyone is in this neck of the woods for a few days and not watching their diet, you gotta eat at Pyzano's and Val's Hamburgers! It's all we're good for here.
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