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Memories of Napoleon

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Today is the second anniversary of losing Napoleon. His corner memorial garden is growing well, with white flowers in bloom at every season and I say hello to him every time I go out of my gate. I love all my cats of course, but no-one can replace him, his sense of fun, his affection and his intelligence. His loss has affected our lives so much, making me paranoid about safety when I thought I had found a cat paradise here in a hamlet with no through traffic and surrounded by fields.

Always in my heart. RIP sweet boy.

Here he is when he was dumped on my doorstep

And six months later
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Jenny i remember the day you first posted about your boys. I remember we didn't realise how white they were until you took them in and cleaned them up Then that awful post when he was poisoned

I hope your having a wonderful time over the bridge Napoleon, your mum misses you so much

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Jenny, you did wonders with him, what a difference Bless him I remember this day so well, I was just heart broken for you
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It's always such an honour to be able to spend time with cats like Napoleon. I'm so sorry you didn't have longer with him. Only the good die young as they say.

That's great you have such a beautiful reminder of him though. Sending lots of
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what an amazing transformation you made to that beautiful boy.

i have a 1 and a 2 year anniversary coming up within 3 days of eachother too. it's a difficult time. for you.
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I remember this day so well, too. Very heartbreaking. What an absolute miracle you did for that sweetheart. Just look at the 2nd pic I know he will always be in your memory, until you see him again. Dear Napoleon you beautiful angel
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Napolean was such a beautiful boy. His time here was too short, but he lives on in your heart. Thank you for sharing him us.
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Thinking of you and your beautiful Napoleon today

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You're in my thoughts today.
Rest in Peace, beautiful boy
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Continued Peace to you Napoleon.
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My hugs go to you Jenny ~ peace for Napoleon.
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It does not seem like its been that long
i am sure he will be waiting to see you again when the time is right. /hug
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Napoleon was always & will furr-ever be one of my favorite TCS cats.
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Every time I see you post I think of him. It just broke my heart - and honestly, I can't believe it's been that long. Did you ever post a pic of his garden in bloom? I'd love to see it.

Napoleon - you are very missed. I know you send your love to your family every day and that you're there playing in your garden, they just can't see you.

to you, Jenny.

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to you Jenny.
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Like Susan, I remember when those poor two boys were dumped on your doorstep, skinny, and covered in dirt (or motor oil?), and nobody knew that under all of that were a beautiful pair of white kittens. I'll be honest, my heart broke when I heard of his passing. It's always tragic when a beloved pet dies, but he really was one of our own, kind of "born and raised" here because you shared him with us.

I'm with Laurie, I'd love to see a picture of Napoleon's garden in bloom.

Thinking of you Napoleon
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Heres the link that Jenny had in the lounge in April on Napoleons garden, but she may have some updated ones
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The weather is dreadful at the moment but as soon as I can I will take some new ones. There are white cyclamen out at the moment, and white violas have seeded themselves all over. It looks a bit wild but pretty. The white climbing rose still has buds on it which may come out - it was gorgeous all summer.
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Theres a picture that i'll never forget, and that was one or both of them draped over a foot stool?. They were so relaxed and calm after you took them in from the cold in that picture
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Napoleon looks so well-cared for and loved.
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Thanks for your comments and sympathies.

Susan - think this is the picture you meant - Napoleon just after he left a 'blessing 'on my car bonnet on the night I came back from a trip. I just loved the self-satisfied look on his face.

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Yes that's the one!!!. Awwww he's so relaxed and content that you can really see how happy he is that you found them
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I love that picture of Napolean. He reminds me of my Bru except Bru is black. He has the same kind of long slinky body. I read some of your posts last night and got choked up telling my husband about him. Your Napolean was gorgeous and the tribute garden is beautiful too. It makes me want to expand my gardens next spring near the back where 4 of my fur babies are buried. 2 were 15-16 but my last 2 were only 7. Just an unfortunate coincidence as I take good care of my cats.

RIP Napolean.
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Those anniversaries are tough. Your cat was beautiful. Hugs to you.
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I miss him for you, too, Jenny. I miss my Sasha every single day, not a minute goes by when you share your bed and life and love with him. Not a day! I know he's watching over you and you actually have brought me great comfort with your compassion, in a weird way. You were there for me the night Sasha left us with your beautiful post to me, and I felt a huge part of me went with Sasha that night. I see his sweetness in my Sammy, who I found 10 days later, and who has four white paws just like Sasha did. I call Sammy my Mr. S II.
Napolean knows you're with him. You will see him in things, you will know he's just happy and watching over you for years and years to come my dear.
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