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My other Pets

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Well I have a horse and two cats.. my cats are scared of the horse as he tends to try and make friends with them whenever he sees them. Also a couple of months ago the ginger cat Griffin (while i was grooming my horse) came and rubbed against his back legs! Even the non horsey people know to keep away from big animals back legs lol dumb cat! Luckily my horse just stamped his foot and didn't kick him and i quickly grabbed Griffin and put him a safe distance away. The horse (Spot) was tied up so couldn't follow him yay lol
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Post some piccies of your pony!
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Sort of body shot:

Sorry will have 1 or 2 more once i get home but this is him he is a 9 year old Appaloosa cross 14.2-14.3hh he's right on the border of a horse and a pony lol. At the moment he's registered as a pony so i can do the easier stuff He was also on the Last Samurai movie that was filmed in NZ. Also his name is Spot for obvious reasons. He's an angel (most of the time) and loves his food.
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Spot is a really handsome horse...
How precious when Griffin rub up against Spot.

Thanks for sharing his picture with us.
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Beutiful poney ,
Jess x
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sweet He looks a bit like a pony I used to ride called Starbuck, who unfortunately had to be pts a few weeks ago
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Awww spot is so cute!!!! What a good boy!
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