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Please let us know what happens. I was going to suggest oil of cloves, but it's way past that. You need the emergency room - we are so worried for you!!!
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PLEASE keep us updated ....... sending many vibes your way
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yeah I'll follow up. I'm just waiting till the wee hours of the morning when it's quiet.
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Sending MEGA prayers and vibes that your hospital visit goes well - I can't believe that they didn't get you on antibiotics last time and now you've suffered so long and your condition has deteriorated
. If you can't drive yourself, then first thing in the morning, call your local senior center & see if they have volunteers who'd drive you....age is not the issue, your condition is, and they should understand.
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I'm glad you've decided to go back to the hospital. Be pushy, don't let them send you home without treatment.

What diabetes thing? That must have slipped my mind (see people, I can't remember everything). Do you have diabetes or strongly suspect that you may? Because if so, that combined with dental issues is very serious.

A few months ago I had an uncle admitted to the hospital in a coma. It turns out that it was from his teeth. His diabetes had caused them to decay quickly and put him at more risk from infection - in this case an infection that was turning into sepsis. He ended up getting them all removed.
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THanks both of you.

I found out i have diabetes a couple months ago. my glucose was over 400 at times. It's MUCH lower now though.

I actually got pissed a few minutes ago and called that same dentist to get their service. So i could check and see if they had a cancellation. She actually got me in at 7:30 am which is only about 8 hours from now. so i'm sure i'll be fine then.
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I'm glad they are going to see you this morning. They won't be able to actually do anything, but they can give you antibiotics that you desperately need. As bad as it sounds, I would probably do a follow up round of antibiotics instead of just the one bottle. Sometimes with a tooth infection that bad, even if they pull the tooth, etc. after the swelling goes down, the infection can linger.
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Oh this is lovely. lol

I just got back from the dentist. She was kind enough to tell me that it's not an abcess. it's THREE abcesses. at one time? no wonder this is hurting so bad. She did a drill and drain thing, gave me a zpack and vicodin to last for a week. I lost my insurance a few months ago so it's out of pocket but I'm not about to have my teeth pulled. So i have to get 3 root canals. $5280.00 nice huh?
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Oh wow!!! Yikes! At least you're getting it treated and I get - in spite of the pending cost - that you are feeling better!
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Actually it's a bit embarassing. the first thing i thought was 'my god, am I not taking care of my teeth? i brush 3 times a day at least, and floss once" but i guess it doesn't always help.

Maybe the one infection just spread internally. Who knows. I can assure you I don't have 'crack head mouth'

And yes, I'm getting the work done. The last thing I could imagine is walking around with 3 teeth missing.
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The severity is likely related to your being diabetic. Perhaps you need to do a little review or a consultation with a diabetes nurse specialist so you will know the very special precautions you need to take to prevent serious issues and complications of the diabetes. You really took your life in your hands waiting so long with such a bad infection AND diabetes. That was very risky and I'm amazed the health professionals you have dealt with treated it so lightly.

I'm relieved you're getting some help now. That dentist bill will be a big reminder to not let things slide, I'll bet. PLEASE take care of yourself as healing can go more slowly secondary to the diabetes.

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^ Exactly.

It nearly killed my uncle because of how quick and how bad the infection was. You need to get on top of your care, and if you have to lose the teeth so be it. You can always get nice implants later. It's a heck of a lot better losing your teeth then a kidney or your life.
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So Glad you got into the dentist. I hope you start feeling better soon.
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I'm SO glad you got in - and see, it WAS a pretty major thing. To think they wanted you to go through that without antibiotics and pain meds. Disgusting. Hope the vicodin does the trick. (it does for me, LOL)
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Thanks for all the positive stuff.

She gave me a dental block which killed the side of my face. You know how they do when you get work done. I came home, wrote a couple posts and went to sleep for the first time in a LONG time. Man it self SO good to sleep 6 whole hours.

I've been thinking though. the estimate seems extremely high. Some people here have experience in this area. I'm going to scan in the estimate invoice and post it. MAybe someone could tell me why it's so high. I thought a root canal was about 600 bucks. so 3 should only be 1800
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Originally Posted by fastnoc View Post
I thought a root canal was about 600 bucks. so 3 should only be 1800
Teeth that have root canals will eventually turn dark grey. So a tooth that has a root canal usually has a crown put on. Crowns are very expensive, about $600 or more depending on the tooth. So she probably factored in a crown for each tooth.

However, as someone who had a root canal on a tooth without getting a crown afterward, I can attest to the fact you do not automatically need to have a crown after a root canal.

I had a root canal on on of my upper front teeth back in the early 1980's. Over the years it turned a darker grey colour and I was subconscious about it and finally got a crown for it years later when I had a dental plan again.

So if you are only concerned about saving the tooth, and don't care if it turns a greyish colour over time, just get the root canals now and worry about crowns for the teeth at some future date.
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Here are some links to give you more information about crowns. It seems that it depends on where the tooth is. I guess because mine was directly in front and didn't really have the stress that the back ones do, I could get away with not having a crown initially.
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Glad to hear you got some sleep, hope you are feeling better now that the anitbiotics have had some time to work.
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I am reading a book now in which it is mentioned that people used to regularly die of tooth infections just 150 years ago. It was a common cause of death, and it could happen at a very young age.

Diabetes, too, used to kill a lot of people.
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Oh my gosh, I nearly had a heart attack when i saw this thread, phew, glad you got it sorted! I had an abscess once and one side of my face blew up like a golf ball I woke in the middle of the night and all my eye had swollen too. I didn't realise how serious it could be and the hospital wanted to keep me in over night. I had it drained and had anti biotics, but like someone said earlier, a bad infection can easily get into your blood stream and do some serious damage. I am please you have got it sorted, I can't imagine how much pain you must have been in, bless your heart. I hope you have a good nights sleep and that your expensive rescued teeth get better soon. Take care and lonly take what the doc gave you I think you might have been sailing a little too close to wind with all those meds for my liking!
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Originally Posted by fastnoc View Post

Maybe the one infection just spread internally. Who knows. I can assure you I don't have 'crack head mouth'
Sorry, I had to laugh at that

I have Osteopetrosis* which caused my teeth to break very easily and ended up spending almost $10k to save them by the time I was 22


Osteopetrosis is just the opposite of osteoporosis. There is too much bone tissue. Unfortunately, this does not make the bones stronger, because they have an abnormal structure. Therefore fractures can occur, even if the bones look very solid on X-rays.
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Wow. You know. growing up I had it pretty good. I didn't have weight issues, or sight, hearing, bad hair etc. I always felt fortunate that I was blessed pretty much normal. The only thing I had was asthma but that was mangeable.

I never thought about how hard it would be growing up with a series dental issue that would affect your appearance. I can't even imagine that. I'm glad you got it fixed.
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