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Charlie's Show Results

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We just got home for Charlie's CFA show. Was about 20 premiers total (40 or so in the class). Nice point counts (14 SH, 6 LH). Charlie got 2 finals and 8th Best SP Cat and 2nd Best Premier and a 9th Best AB Cat (3rd Best AB Premier). He has about 62 points now as they didn't announce the official counts at the show....he would need 75 to Grand.

We are debating if we will take him to the January CFA show and hope to get one or two more finals to officially Grand in CFA. Its DH's birthday weekend, so up to him if he wants to go. I won't push it.

We know Jack will be a better Oci
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Nice results, way to go Charlie. Take him to Grand, you are so close!
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Woohoo Charlie!

I hope to understand CFA points soon. I just got a handle on ACFA and will need to learn TICA.

How does he like the atmosphere?
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Charlie loves the shows, loves getting a bath. We are retiring him because he refuses to use the litter pan during the show. If we stay overnight (out of town) we have to be sure he goes at the hotel.

He got a UTI last year and I'm not sure if part of it was due to him holding it all day.
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Oh yeah, Tsekani didn't use the pan during the show. He went when we got back to the hotel. I even tried closing the curtains on that end of the show cage. He didn't eat or drink much during the show day either.

I didn't think too much of it at the time as the people I asked said that was fairly normal. I guess it could be a problem.
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Grats on the finals! Grand him if you can!
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Congrats! I hope he grands, if thats what you guys want of course.
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