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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Seriously though, you've had a stressful few months and you don't want to go through that again Find someone who you can trust and you can enjoy your break just as much

That is for sure. It is not a matter of finding someone we trust, though. Rick's parents are huge animal lovers and adore our cats. Shadow has no problem with them but Squirt always ran and hid whenever anyone came to visit. They are frequent visitors to our home so no real reason why there should be issues. We also found that Squirt is particularly leary of strange men. I wish I could find out what happened to him before he found us....Anyhow, maybe with time he will be more accepting of Rick's parents. There will be lots of opportunities for sure!
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I am SO very happy to read that Squirt is finally home where he belongs! I had almost given up hope that you would find him and this is just the BEST news I have heard in a long time!

Welcome home, big guy!
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The lil' Prince has settled in nicely!

He seems to be a little low on energy but this is probably to be expected.

Back to his old ways, warming mummy's feets and looking Regal all at the same time!

Ahhhhhhh! It's nice to have him home.

The lil' Princess also seems to be getting more comfortable with Squirt around. They haven't come to blows and she's not snarlin' and hissin' and spittin' as much!

Shadow: "I don't care if his picture is on the bag, that's my food!"
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He does look very comfortable, doesn't he.
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Glad to see you are all a happy family again!! No more advemtures, Squirt!!
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Look at that. Not a care in the world and a content little face that screams "I'm so pleased i'm home!!"

Originally Posted by knottybuoyz View Post
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Squirt update! He's started to assert his dominance over the household. Lately he's taken a few runs at Shadow but I think she's the instigator. Here he is with his "Hollywood Squirt" pose.

Here he is waiting for his mummy to get home and keeping an eye on the neighborhood strays.

He's starting to put a lil' weight back on and eating near constantly which as you can imagine means a lot of scooping the litter box eh mummy?
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Oh look at that sweet face He's lounging there like he's never been on his travels

I'm sure he and shadow will get there again eventually because it's still early days
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I'm thinkin' he's really settled in well now! That's "MY" pillow!

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He is so ADORABLE, He seems so happy
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You ought to have a thread for him (and Shadow) in Fur Pics now that he is home.
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
You ought to have a thread for him (and Shadow) in Fur Pics now that he is home.
Because some members can't face coming into SOS like the bridge incase theres some upsetting posts
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post

I am so glad to hear your news! Welcome back, Squirt!

(Maybe a mod could modify the thread title to let people know he is home?)
I just want to start by saying that I was following this thread from the beginning and don't know how I missed Squirt's happy return. Seeing the updated thread title almost made me squeal out loud!

Originally Posted by Knottygirlz View Post
We will see how the next little while plays out. He seems different in a couple of ways. First of all he is not the least bit interested in going out. He uses to like to make a couple of trips outdoors each day but was always in overnight and through the day when we are at work.
If i had to guess he's learned what a good... no scratch that... what a GREAT thing he has with your family after a few months on his own. If he's smart he'll stay snuggled up on your feet from now on!

He sure is a handsome fellow... I'd love to see more of him and Shadow both!
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Woohoo, how wonderful that Squirt is home. I love a happy ending like that. One of my cats once got out and was gone for a week and I was absolutely frantic.

Just keep a really close on him with respect to possible health issues; you say he went from about 16 lbs down to 9 lbs....over the 2.5-3 month period he was gone. That's an incredibly substantial amount of weight loss for a cat in such a short period of really puts him at risk for developing Fatty Liver Disease (Hepatic Lipidosis). If you notice his appetite is poor or he's not as active as usual, begins to vomit (particularly bile), just seems "off", have your Vet check him out and do some bloodwork to check liver enzymes. Obese cats are even more at risk for developing Fatty Liver.
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