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My hubby and I changed thier bedding tonight and took the opportunity to take some pictures of them while we had them in the light of the bedroom.

Oooh so cute!!

We have sexed them, best I can tell:

All 3 Orange and Whites are Male

Both Whites are female

And the Tiggers? 1 Male and 1 Female.

The female has been adopted and her new name is Wilma.

We are keeping one of the white girls, and her name will be Emma.

The Orange boy has a home, but don't know his name yet.

And I have a friend that will be taking one of the others. But she hasn't picked yet.

We also got a video. As soon as my husband gets it playable I will post. It won't be this evening though. I BEGGED. But he is pooped and wants to go to bed. lol