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my poor kitty

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Hello everyone,

Keegan went to the vet today for his last shots...the vet ask his usual questions and then I ask about neutering because he is peeing all over my house. I was SO mad at him...but upon further evaluation by the vet my poor baby has a BAD urinary tract infection. He had a shot of antibiotics and anti inflamatory and he is on 14 days of oral antibiotics. I feel so bad for being mad at my boy!
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Midnight my sisters cat went to the vet for the same problem today.
My sister was so mad last night because he went on the floor.
He is fixed and he has the infection again.
I hope your cat feels better.
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If he isn't neutered he should be right away, or he WILL start spraying in the house.
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I'm glad that you discovered the reason for his "peeing all over" your house.

Cats' behaviour isn't based on logic or rationale...as is humans'.

It IS based on nature, on instinctual response to their reality.

His reality was that, whenever he went to urinate in his box, it was painful for him. So, trying to avoid the pain he associated with the box, he tried peeing elsewhere...and elsewhere...and elsewhere to get away from the pain.

So, lesson learned: inappropriate elimination of any kind is a classic sign of some health problem.

You emphasized that he has a "BAD" infection. That leads me to suspect that the infection worsened when it wasn't treated early.

Sometimes, when urinary infections (UTIs) are severe, it takes a longer period of antibiotic treatment to resolve them - sometimes, several weeks. If he were my cat, and if the Vet agreed, I would be tempted to treat him for a prolonged period. In any case, when the course of antibiotics is complete, I would wait 3-4 days and then have a urinanalysis and culture done.

I'm also wondering which antibiotic he is taking.......and, which anti-inflammatory he was given...and, was it injected or given orally?
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