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Hissy or maybe anyone!!!! HELP HELP!!!

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I was just playing with snowwhite and and she is leaking some kinda of clear water fluid with a yellowish tint I'm not sure from where. It seems like it might be anal, but I'm not postive. I did just change her food, but it is mostly her old food mixed with her new food! I'm so upset!! I guess I'll have to try get her into the vet tomorrow :balwing: Should I bring her AND the kittens in, or just her..I don't really want to leave the kittens along for that long..I guess I should bring them along. What do you think is wrong.
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Val, I don't know what that means. Sorry! Can you call the vet and ask them?
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it's easter sunday no vets are in the emergancy vet might be in but I know they are going to tell me to bring her in (they always say bring the animal in) and that is over an hour ride, I think that would be too much for her and the babies. WHY does this kind of stuff always happen on sundays!!
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Not to be gross, but have you smelled it? Does it smell like urine, feces, anything?
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Val, check your PM's
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it doesn't have a strong order because I can't smell it. I looked at the bedding and it's clean, so it must have just started I think my dh will take her to the vet tomorrow and I'll stay home and baby sit the kittens.
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bumping again to the top
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If the off-hours calls are forwarded to the homes of tbe various vets, you might try calling and saying you need to have your regular vet call you ASAP. (This is how my vet clinic handles possible emergencies.)

I don't know if the clear fluid leaking out of Snowwhite is anything serious or not. Hopefully, this is just a minor problem, but if it is something more, the vet may want to meet you at the vet clinic this evening.

I hope this post makes sense.
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I just spent somemore time with her and it seems she has gas!! her tummy grumbled and i heard alittle poof sound and then alittle bit of the fluid. So I think it is anal. but she doesn't seem to have having any dierah. Maybe I gave her two much new and not enough old food I feel awful! She is acting normally and purring away. I put my hand on her tummy and pushed and she just purred, but if i leave it there it feels like it is grumbling. I think the poor baby has an upset tummy. I gave her some extra water, is there anything I can give her to help. Her litter box is clean, and the bedding is clean, so it seems to be just when she gets up to eat she passes some gas and alittle bit of flood comes out.
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our vets around hear are just awful. When my hubby was taking care of a dog that went in to sezures (sp??) He had to call a bunch of places before one would even take him! I think snowwhite is going to be okay, just tummy problems. I'm going to check on her hourly and make sure nothing changes. I moved the bedding around and it is spotless, actually the whole room looks clean, just the area around her backside looks dirty My poor baby!
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Poor Snowwhite! At least you know what it is, whew!
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Val are you sure that is where it is coming from? It could be an infection, either UTI or something else viral, but if that is the case, it wouldn't be leaking from the anus. I would suggest you take her in to the vet tomorrow and get her checked out, because she is actively nursing, if she does have something viral or an infection, there is a possibility it could be passed on to the kittens. I would rather be safe than sorry in that respect.
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Val, me and the kitties will send a special prayer to Bast that this is nothing to be worried about...
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she is going to the vet for sure, I checked on her again and she isn't leaking anything now. If cats could talk life would be SO much easier. I'm pretty sure that is where it is coming from but i heard alittle poof and then saw few drips...yuck!

Should I take the kittens with her? Or will the kittens be okay alone? Or should I stay with the kittens and have hubby take her to the vet?
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Val, me and the kitties will send a special prayer to Bast that this is nothing to be worried about...
thank you!!
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Val, if cats could talk, neither you nor I would have a moment's peace and quiet!
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Val, if cats could talk, neither you nor I would have a moment's peace and quiet!
that's true!! we would never be lonely!
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It will keep her calmer to have the kittens with her-but really let you vet make that call. When you call them, tell them how old the kittens are and ask them if they want to see the kittens as well as her and go from there. Most vets will tell you to bring the whole family in.
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the more I think about it the more worried I get about her being scared and hurting the babies I know when moe and neo where little I was told not to put them in the same carrier because they could get upset and really hurt each other. I really think more vets need to make house calls! that would make my life ALOT easier. I'll have to ask the vets office and see what they think. I sure home she is okay! Hopefully we can get an appointment for early in the week.
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she just used the litter and everything looks find in there, i have no idea what is going on. Going to call the vet tomorrow morning and hopefully she can get in!
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I can't pin point what the problem is here, I don't think any of us exactly can, we are not vets and we are not there.
But about your food question, you asked if you had fed them too much of the new stuff.

Keep in mind that the time to switch is over at LEAST a week, you can and should do more if your cats often have problems switching foods, or if they are going through some other stressed out period in their life.

Me, the first day, I'll give them 3 or 5 peices by hand as a treat to see if they even like the new food. And then come supper time I'll sprinkle maybe 5-8 peices in their bowl the first night.
And the following morning I'll move up to around 8-10 peices, the coming night will be about 12-15 peices. So on and so forth.
I like to keep a strict guard on how much I'm feeding. This way if something does go down and the vet asks "how much are you feeding" I don't have to estimate "ohh about a cup a day".
I've been feeding these 2 foods for about a week now, and today they are getting about 13 peices of their OLD food, and the rest is all new.

Of course, this can varie depending on the size of the cat, how much they eat in one sitting etc. Just a little guide line to how I keep on top of it.
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I hope SnowWhite is OK! I was reading about Anal Gland Secretion. Each time your cat defecates a little bit of fluid comes out of their anus. They say when the fluid comes out, it's to mark their territory. She could have an infection in her anal sacs so you need to see a vet. My male cat Peppurr used to mark his territory with his butt! The fluid was really stinky!

I hope everything goes well for SnowWhite and the kittens!

Prayers for a great appointment! (((((Hugs)))))
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Val... I don't know anything about this problem, but I sure hope the Vet could see her today! Any word? Snowwhite and her kitties are in my prayers!

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