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Lucy's at the vets now

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sorry ive not been on here much ive a poorly dog with Cdrm so ive been spending as much time with him as i can ,

Lucy is at this moment in the vets having her tail amputated bless her , Lucy broke her tail by some nasty neigbour kicking her violently which has resulted in her being incontinent , anyway im just getting things ready for lucy's return so i better carry on , i wanted you to know she was having her tail off today :-(
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Bless her heart Lots of healthy healing coming for Lucy.

What's happening to the neighbour?. Do you know which one did it?
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I hope the neighbor was prosecuted..WTH? Prayers for our Lucy
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because i didnt see them do it its hard to prosecute but ive done better and they not going to be living there much longer i cant say much at the moment but i will tell you when its all sorted :-)

just brought lucy home bless her she looks like she got a little willy stuck to her backside , she is wearing one of them things round her head , and she is walking backwards as she hates it and keeps getting it trapped if she walks forwards , she is walking around the walls i feel so sorry for her but when she is better its going to be much better for her having no wet tail all the time
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Poor poor Lucy! I hope she will feel better very soon, and I hope that neighbor truly gets what he deserves! I really don't understand why people think it's OK to be abusive to animals. Poor little defenseless animals! It makes me SICK!
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Bless her heart. I'm pleased she's home, but keep us updated on the person that did this to her
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i will keep you updated i cant wait to be able to tell you :-)

im going to spend some time with lucy now as she looks so sad
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Many prayers for you and Lucy - and I believe that karma will come back to the person who so mistreated her.
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some people make me so sick and they are one of them.

sending tons of healing for precious lucy.
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Sending lots of healing to Lucy.
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My nfh are moving today the council got them out woop woop

my cats are going to be so much happier being able to live as they used to before the nightmare neigbours moved in they have had a stressful year as well as me .

Lucy had her check up at the vets and he signed her off so im really pleased about that , her fur is growing back and she runs about like mad in my house without her tail , she is still incontinent and always will be ( thank god for simple solution hehe ) when she is awake and sat on my windowsill watching the birds i hear drip drip drip or if she is laid with me having a cuddle it goes all warm hehe but she jumps up and runs to her litter bless her , ive woken a couple of times in the night to a wet warm feeling when she has sneaked into my bed right under the duvet and cuddled herself into me , ive bought her a lovely bed but she prefers mine for some reason lol , i knew she was going to be incontinent when i brought her home from the vet so it does not bother me when these things happen i just clean it all up and clean it and clean it im always cleaning hehe .
anyway i just wanted to let you know i got them back for hurting my Lucy its taken me a long time but i wasnt stopping till they were gone and good riddance to them
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