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Get your bootie out of the broom closet!!!

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When people ask for board magic...it works alittle to well!!! So I know we have to have a bunch of witches

I'll be the first to admit! I'm wiccan, i have been studying off and on for while.

so who else is out there?
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I'm also Wiccan, have been for more than a dozen years now.
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I studied it when I was 11 years old. Me and my friends had so much fun "casting spells" on our enemies!
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I'm not but it sounds interesting to me though!
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I studied it, back when I was 13, very intersting, I like it a lot, for a year or so I considered myself wiccan. But people are ever changing, and I pretty much considering myself agnostic more then anything now adays. I might return to wicca at some point.

I was born mormon, studied a bit on satanism, buddhism, jahovas witness, I was a born again christian for a few years a while back, but none of them are for me. If I were ever to turn "religious" again if you will, it would diffenetly be wicca.

I have a hard time ever getting back into a religion, specially with my fiance, I've had a penticle for years and I love to wear it (but I can't around his family.) and he says "if your not wiccan then you can't wear it."
He just doesn't understand... *shakes head*

Crazy Cat Lover: I hope you are being sarcastic, wicca is not all about just casting spells, least of all on enemies.

Rock&Fluffs: Wicca IS a very intersting "religion" (and I use this word loosely).
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We have a dresser-top altar to Bast that the kitties visit on a regular basis, the statue is about the size of a 6 month old kitten. It is so cute to see them rubbing against Her! And what is hilarious, is that on the rare occasions when the kitties get scolded or yelled at, they run up there and rub against Her, like they're asking for sanctaury or for Her to intercede on their behalf!
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I never have been, but my friend at work is. She said she's something about white magic, not black. Do you understand?
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I have casted love spells too! I know that many of the spells casted against someone are forbidden to Wiccans. I was 11 and I did'nt know much about Wicca. Now I occasionally read a Wicca book, my Mom thinks I'm crazy. I have a good friend who is very into Wicca!

Tamme- White magic and Black magic are the two forms of WitchCraft, black being evil, white being good. I studied WitchCraft, but after "attemting" to bring back a spirit, I stopped. The room me and my friends were in was getting cold and there were scary noises coming from under the house. It freaked me out!
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Traditionally... wiccans are all good... in my mind, if you do evil things or are a 'black witch' if you will, you are NOT wiccan. But that's just my opinion and perception of wicca.

There are many bad, or off track people who CLAIM they are wiccan, but as I said... people like that clearly are not, they just like the name association. Like a lot of the goth kiddies who run around now adays saying they are wiccan but yet know NOTHING about the history, or rituals of the religion past "I'm a witch, and wiccans can cast spells!"

Wicca is not the soul religion out there in which people think of when referering to witches and such, there are others out there, probably more commonly known is Pagan.

If you want a quick run down of what a wiccan is basically suppose to live their life by in general "rules", then read the Wiccan Rede.

Mom of 10: Oh, and that's soo adorible! haha, what better for earthly creatures then an earthy religion... more things that make it hard for me to grasp the traditional christian god theory.
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Alot of people are pagan and not wiccan. Wiccan is a form of pagan

Casting any kind of bad spells is a HUGE no no. I would never even think about doing that!! When I think of wiccan I think more of a love for nature then casting spells. My husband is really a natural at it and extra senstive but he refuses to saw he is wiccan. So he is pagan.

I have a angel kitty statue that my cats love

This is what dh got me for yule last year
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Oh my, I love that sculpture. What a thoughtfull gift! I was raised christian and then left for wiccan 20 yrs ago. But I found it difficult to practice with out a "coven". So I still read and associate my beleifs with the Wiccans but do no rituals.

Thank you for asking Val! May be we can find some of us and not be so isolated! What better place is there to find a witch than a cat site!
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PP: That is a very pretty statue! I'll have some cat statues some day, though of a different styling, I always seem to buy them for other people, I just can't justify "gifts" like that for myself.

Binkyhoo: I think that's a wonderful part to wicca you don't have to "fellowship" with a bunch of other people to BE wiccan, it is a very solitary religion, most people don't go to covens.
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Thanks Angel. But this is my problem;If I am on my own and make up all my beleifs and ideas on my own, based on my experience of life and the world around me....It just makes me feel lonely. There is truth that is true for me and there is truth that is universaly true. I dont know....
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Just keep trying then. Perhaps there's more people who are wiccan or who would like to learn about it in your area then you think.

Growing up in Maine I didn't know anyone who was wiccan, let alone really what it was until I was older. Most the people who I knew were Wiccan were from the internet, and that was ok with me.
I prefer to not go to covens, I'm paranoid about what other people will think and judge me on my practicies, or if I do something slightly different from another (this is all the paranoid years of being of christian religions talking here.)

Have you searched on the internet for any people or covens near you, or even a group of people that meet up every month or more? Maybe you could start your own thing if you like to be with people to complete the spiritual experience.
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I'm not a Wiccan, but I definately consider myself a Pagan. I was very lucky in that my parents gave both my brother and I the chance to explore faith and religion on our own, and (pretty much) kept their opinions to themselves.

Both Mom and Dad were raised Catholic, and in fact met at Catholic University. But, they felt that this faith had been forced on them, and wasn't something they chose. Shortly before Mom passed, she met a wonderful Franciscan friar named Brother Christopher. With him, she rediscovered her spirituality and before she passed she returned to the Church. That time, it was by her choice and I respected that decision.

Dad and I have had some very interesting discussions about religion, spirituality and faith. I know he's disappointed that my brother is an atheist, but has come to recognize I have a spiritual life although it's not one he grew up with.
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Hi angel.Thank you for your response. And that is just what i need to do.But the likey hood of that happening now isent that strong. I dont mean to be confusing.....Right now i am just happy to know that there are others out there like you and i dont need to do all the elaborate rituals to express the love in my heart.
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Like Val said "get outa the broom closet"
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I'm not Wiccan, but I am Pagan.

For those not familiar with Pagan and Wicca, there are 2 basic rules we go by:

If it harm none, do as thou will. (Actually much more inclusive than even the 10 commandments, IMO.)

The Rule of Three - whatever you do comes back times 3. THAT is why nasty spells and such are a big no-no. Most people call it Karma, and that works too.

Mom of Ten Cats, I LOVE the Bast alter, especially since I go with the Egyptian gods.

Tamara, there are more of us around you than you think. I'm sure there are some "new age" stores in Green Bay, go there and strike up a conversation with the employees. I'm sure they can point you in the right direction, even if the only thing you want is to be with people of like minds for social functions.
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Heidi, eBay has the best prices and selection of Egyptian statues! I love eBay!

Actually, I am more Pagan than Wiccan myself, truth be told.
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Val-Princess Purr; You started it what you have to say ?
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nothing much

I kinda just pratice by myself in my own way. I was raised catholic so it was hard for me to get over the "your going to hell" thing

But now i'm pretty comfortable with my faith now. I light candles and pray, I'm not really much into the actually spell part of it. I still have an awful lot to learn!

My family was okay with it, my mom says as long as I beleave in something!

I explained to my mom that God made lots of different faithes so everyone could find there own way, we are all different so we need different ways to worship. If there was only one way not everyone would fit
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Well thats kinda smart! I allways thought that it was the same god, just a different way of finding him/her ! i love the idea of reincarnation where you jusy keep comming back till you get it right!
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I like that idea too!! The idea that you get more then one chances makes life seem alittle easier!!

yep, I figure we are all worshiping the same god just in our own special way
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Exactly...I use the metaphor of decribing the idea of God/dess as a beautiful, flawless diamond. Each facet is perfect and part of the whole, but each facet is different. Together, each of the facets (all the world's religions) make up the Whole.
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But its more than us getting another chance. Its our lost loved ones who we might meet again.
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Reincarnation is also a reason to work very hard at overcoming problems/flaws this time around, so you don't have to repeat it all over again next time!
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Exactly...I use the metaphor of decribing the idea of God/dess as a beautiful, flawless diamond. Each facet is perfect and part of the whole, but each facet is different. Together, each of the facets (all the world's religions) make up the Whole.
that is very nice!!!
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Like a soul mate?
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Originally posted by binkyhoo
But its more than us getting another chance. Its our lost loved ones who we might meet again.
wellllll that is kinda true. I have read a couple different things and if you keep finding your soulmate and getting together you might keep making the same mistakes and be here forever My hubby has people come up to him and tell him he is a very very old soul, so I think he keeps missing lessons but that is my hubby for ya!!
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Soul mate, soul friends, etc. It is very comforting to know that you don't have to lose someone you love just because these physical bodies die.
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