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My cat is 6 years old,spayed and has always been in the house. She has in the past week urinated in my bed at the top in the middle. The first time it had a strong urine smell, yesterday it had no oder. She releases enough to go through my comforter and flannel sheets. I have no idea why, could someone please give me some advice????????????
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It sounds like she has a urinary tract infection. When this happens, they can not hold it to get to the litter box or sometimes they just dont know they have to go. I would get her to the vet ASAP and rule that out!!
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Yes, it certainly does. Please don't be mad at her, don't shout at her when this happens and definitely don't punish her.

Urinary tract infection can develop into a blocked urinary tract - that's a life threatening condition. So please do as Sandie suggested and don't wait for too long.
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PLEASE GET YEA TO THE VET--its very treatable but the sooner the better.
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ditto. If it never happened before, she needs to see the vet. {or she's really mad at you for something!} Good luck!
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