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Clicker training two cats

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I'm interested in clicker training my two five-month old neutered male kittens, Slasher and Ripper. I've read a lot of the information at http://clickertraining.com/.

I assume I would need to separate them for lessons, at least initially. If I'm doing something with one of them, petting, grooming, playing, etc., the other always shows up to see what's going on.

Would it be best to use different-sounding clickers?
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My cats are all clicker trained, I also teach my clients how to CT their cats.

You do need to separate the cats when you are CTing. Otherwise they will be distracted. You will have to put the cat you're not working with in a separate room. After the cats start learning different behaviors and fully understand CT, you can teach one cat a behavior, then bring the other cat in while you are practicing it. The other cat will learn through observational learning... two for the price of one!

You can use the same clicker, though there is a clicker available on Karen Pryor's site that has 3 distinct tones. All of my cats use the same clicker, I don't use different tones for each cat.

Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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