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Alphacat struggles

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When I lost Sheba who at the time was the household's alpha cat Bobber took over that spot.

In the past 6-9 months Bakker challenges her on this.

Its especially noticed on the bed at night. Bakker sleeps on the bed probably 90% of the time. Now that the cooler weather is coming Bobber spends more time in the house at night when we go to bed vs meowing in the middle of the night. So for instance if I go to bed early to read one of them is going to jump on the bed 1st. Most of the times its been Bobber and then when Bakker jumps on she will jump off.

Not really any fighting between them-once in a while but the most is that Bobber doesn't like to be in the same room as Bakker or if in the same room neither of them like sharing the same area like the sofa at night if we are watching TV.

Bakker is physically bigger than her but they weight close to the same.

Grizzly gets along very well with both of them as her and Bobs usually snuggle together but Bakker has been doing this with Grizzly and then if Bobs sees this (on the bed again) she leaves and then lots of times she wants to be let outside.

Any way to get them to more than tolerate each other??
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I recommend that you put a tall cat tree next to the bed, if possible. Cats need to show their place in the hierarchy. One of the most healthiest ways they demonstrate this is by how high they sit in relationship to another cat. By providing vertical territory, with multiple shelves, you may find that the cats stay in the bedroom with you and after awhile, may take turns on the bed. A word on hierarchy... it is not static, but dynamic. Cats take turns. One cat might be at the top of the tree in the morning, another in the evening.
Comfort Zone might take the edge slightly off of the stress.
Marilyn Krieger
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Thanks for the info.
All of them like sitting in windows but Bakker is the one that is the climber in the household.
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I have similar issues so this was very imformative. Thank you.
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