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Foster cat is WAY too skinny

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How can I fatten up my foster mom? she's had her babies and she was skinny bad as it was. But now that she's lost the big bloated belly I can see how terribly thin she really is. I'm feeding her 4 cans of Authority per day and keeping iams dry food full 24/7 but i need to know how to get her plumped up. She is WAY too skinny and all this feeding is basically going to supplement the babie's milk.

ANything I can do?
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I had the same problem with a female I took in that had kittens in my house. I was giving her KMR milk. She loved it and started filling out. Good luck.
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^ Exactly. Give her KMR and since she's nursing, feeding her kitten food wouldn't hurt either.
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IMO I would not give her that much food at a time. You can't "fatten" them up in a day or two. As long as you give her high quality kitten food (free feed) - that's the important thing.

You don't want to overfeed too much at once or she will throw it up. Give her frequent smaller meals and in a few weeks she should be fine. Because she was a stray and pregnant, you can't change the amount of milk she's producing overnight.

Also I'd be feeding Royal Canin kitten dry food rather then the Iams (Iams used to be good food).
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thanks for all the feedback.

I waws feeding her a lot because she seemed starved every time I fed her.

Here's the embarassing part. I had a customer that paid me with a $6000.00 check that bounced and put me WAY in the hole. So I can't afford to buy anything right now. The iams isn't great food but that's what the rescue group gave me so for the next few days I'm kind of stuck.
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Can you ask if they can at least provide you with some KMR? That addition to her diet will be better then nothing. And discuss with them about getting some kitten food, surely you could switch the bag of adult food - it's not like it would go to waste elsewhere.

Don't be embarrassed, by the way. Your customer is the bad one, not you. Life happens though.
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They don't have many options. they only provide what's donated.
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Get some goat's milk maybe? It's probably cheaper than kmr!
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yeah I'll try that. Forgot that you mentioned it before. I can get that at Safeway and I'm sure i can get enough to get going.

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