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104 fever and diarrhea

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Friends cat has diarrhea vet gave orbax without even examining the cat. Seemed a bit better for a week or so then she came home from work cat diarrhead all over the floor was quiet in a corner. I went over there to see him and asked did he have a temp when he was at the vet thats when she said the vet did not look at him. It was last evening and she had an appointment in the morning with the vet. I said bring him to the emergency vet. So she did the cat had 104 temp. The doctor gave him a shot of amox and then a prescription of it and a diarrhea pill. What could it be? Can things just clear up or can it be something more serious. Can mice poison cause it? I would think it would vomit. The cat goes outside so one never knows what they eat. Will not know till later to see how he is
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just to add she fed the cat this morning and I guess he ate some food and puked it up. I feel he should not have eaten so much so fast. Between the medicines and having been sick etc it could have been to much to soon. He's still weak from being sick for a week etc etc.
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Yes a cat can become very seriously ill from rat poison, it can kill him. Did your friend tell the vet that was a possibility? If the cat is sitll weak, after he was given an injection, he needs to go back to the vet and let the vet know about all posibilities.
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The cat needs blood tests and probably a fecal to test for bacteria problems (mine had a fever and vomited from bacteria overgrowth- having been through the exact same thing myself, I can say it's awful). Though the vet should have done this to begin with..
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He never vomited all this time it was diarrhea. Then he was better and was eating then sick again with diarrhea. He threw up when I feel he ate to fast after having a sensitive stomach and the new meds, I thought feeding him gradually even baby food (chicken w/chicken broth) at first? who knows. What bothers me about vets they try things (diff antiobiotics instead of doing fecals and blood tests to get to the problem from the get go). Its costly but its just as costly to experiment.
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yes because experimenting can cost the cat you know? That is the first thing they should have done. Are your friends going to take him back or even to another vet?
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I mean experimenting without checking fecal/ blood.....
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Yes when she gets back from work Today She'll see how he is then will bring him I guess in the morning to the vet and leave him there as she has to work? I still feel going to the emergency vet was worth the cost as he detected the fever. I feel it could be poisoning but then again there was no vomiting till today and its been a week. No drooling but who knows. She puts frontline on him but has for a while now so doubt thats it. Plus a fever is weird
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I think he should have had more tests. I would complian about the first vet.
Also the Er should have done some tests. I hope he will be ok.
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time for a second opinion FAST
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after emergency vet and a shot (amox) guess temp went down. Went to reg vet they took blood and a xray. Blood came back with a high blood count (WBC)(how high I do not know) they do not know what it is caused by but he'll be on antibiotics for two weeks. The cat seems much better though eating etc. Just curious what it is. Do they need to do a culture? and since his temp is down but white blood count is abnormal can antibiotics do the trick? And shouldn't they find the bacteria first or give the meds a go and see what happens. So far he has been on orbax,amoxcillen shots, anti diaherrea and now a new antibiotic
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I hope all goes well
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Are you in my house!!!..I posted about my Torrie..exact same thing...Vet gave her 3 shots yesterday and another today..if she does not perk up by tomorrow morning we are going to the "JUST CATS" hospital.. I hate when my babies get sick my torrie has had more than her share.
Let us know how your kitty is doing
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I didn't see what you guys are feeding, but take note of the pet food recall.
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I would question if the cat was vaccinated? if not, did they test for the common diseases? Did your friend use anything on the cat that she bought over the counter? Flea shampoo, flea treatment? Anything like that? How old is the cat and is it allowed outside at all?
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Cat is almost 3 years old, has had all its shots and does go outside. Does use frontline. Its the fever that was weird but that went down after the emergency vet. He is a very excitable cat. They said they did not know what the infection was but put him on 2 weeks of antiobiotics. He is eating fine and seems much better.I would think when they took the blood they would have tested it for various diseases. Also i asked my friend what the WBC was lets say from 0-10 she didn't know. Is it a bad infection or a mild infection. One thing I hate about vets they are not thorough enough in telling the owner. Plus not all owners know better to ask. I'm different I even get copies of the tests (urine, blood) etc.
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Blood cultures are done before giving antibiotics. They can be done after starting antibiotics, but they are not always as accurate. Usually they do them when the antibiotics aren't working.
To get a culture, I would think they would have to sedate the cat. It is a sterile procedure, requires an inhouse lab capable of doing the cultures - which most vets and many ERs don't have.

Glad it is going better.
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