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Thursday's DT

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Hey y'all!

Happy Thursday! One day til the weekend! I can't wait, I've been sooooo busy lately. Two weeks til I get my new place . . . can't wait for that, either.

On another note, I'm going to visit my fur-baby next week. I'm so excited. The breeder is letting me bring her a blanket, too! I'll take pic's, but I don't have a digital camera, so I'll have to get them developed and scan them before I can post anything.
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I am so looking forward to my 4 day weekend. The best thing about working for the government is that I get all the stat holidays off including Good Friday and Easter Monday!

I am in a weird mood today. My supervisor has not been in work all week, so we have gotten alot of work done (he slows us down). Because we are ahead of the game, I cleaned my desk today. I am know for my messy desk - my 1 rebellion at work. I know where everything is, and it discourages people from messing around with my stuff. I cleaned as I needed a little more room to prepare a training package.

I hope everyone has a great day!
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I'm still refereeing "moon madness". Rowdy hasn't quite come down, yet. She and Buddy were in the bathroom, with Bill this morning. Rowdy started washing Buddy's face and, suddenly, she attacked him tooth and claw. Things seem to be fairly calm, now.

Nothing going on today. Geez, its warm and sunny. We have a high wind advisory, for this afternoon but I'm not going to be where the dust is blowing.

Have a good one.
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Rowdy sounds like such a hand full.

We are having a winter storm warning today! Last night I had to get the electric blanket out again. I thought I put it away for the season. 3 days ago I had the fans in the windows.
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I don;t know whats the matter with me I just got out of bed!!That is not like me! I do have a sore throat.I guess I won't be doing much today.
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