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Grilled veggies and haven't decided what else. Probably a veg melt wheat bread sandwich with spicy cheese and bellas and red onions and squash. Either that or veg quesadillas with salsa and guac. Still deciding!
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I had Poutin at the hospital. I'd heard of it but never tried it. Not really sure what all the hype is. It just tasted like fries with gravy. There was lots of cheese on it, but while it was gooey, you couldn't taste it, so it just tasted like fries and gravy.

I'm now having a cup of tea. I took a thermos of tea to work today but didn't get around to drinking more than 1 cup. So I just finished it off. I can't believe that it stayed piping hot from 6am this morning!
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Seasoned ,cheesy,ham and beans...and cornbread, of course!
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Tonight is either pork loin or eye round roast Depends on what time we get home, and what DH wants for dinner.
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Tonight I made barbecue ribs, red beans with rice, Mojitos to drink and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. YUMMY!YUMMY!YUMMY!
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Tonight, my dad is in town, so we're going to Olive Garden. Yummmmm
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I made skinless boneless chicken breasts with adobo and pepper, brown rice, and steamed broccoli and carrots. =)

Today is the second day since we've switched from white rice to brown. The taste of the two are so different. I still like white rice more than brown, but brown is so much more health beneficial.
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Made a quick stir-fry tonight, with a little left-over steak, bell peppers, mushrooms, celery, and zucchini.. Seasoned with a little salt, pepper and garlic. A peach for dessert...
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Tonight we had porkchops, baked potato and elbow macaroni mixed with tomatoes.
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Butter Chicken, Gujerati Green Beans and Pappadums.

(That was going to be last night, until we went to meet the newest member of our extended family, and did an errand while we were out, and then realized that it would be kind of late to be starting cooking when we got home, so went to our favourite "cook's night off" place.)

Nectarine and ice cream for dessert.

In all, most satisfactory.
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Had spaghetti and garlic bread last night. Probably going to be soup and grilled cheese sandwich tonight. Tomorrow will be a green salad with grilled chicken on top
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I made a pot roast last night so all I need do is get it warm again and make the wonderful gravy and veggies.
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I decided to do something a bit spicy tonight so am making Cajun chicken strips done with egg and crushed corn chips..Chili seasoned potato wedges, both oven baked with some salsa, and guacamole for dipping..
Dessert most like a peach or pear..
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Chicken stir-fry.
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Tonight was salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, and the leftover macaroni with tomatoes from last night.
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A big Greek Salad, and some garlic prawns, I think.

ETA: and the prawns got a little oregano... and a little vermouth... and a little feta... and they were fine.
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Had a meeting tonight and not much time between work and meeting so just made a quick fruit smoothie and grabbed some organic cottage cheese and an apple. Tomorrow night, I will be making Japanese unless I am too exhausted from this night!
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Oh I'm going all out tonight. Corn Dogs

I bought a big box of them so when I'm feeling lazy I can just throw them in the oven and eat in 20 minutes.

I'm THAT lazy
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