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Google has released its own browser!

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*Disclaimer: My husband works for Google, so I am a little biased!*

Wow, it's only been available for hours, and everyone is already raving about it!


I can't download it, because it's not available for Mac yet, but I love the security features (constantly updating their list of malicious websites), and that if one tab crashes, it won't crash the entire browser.

So all you Internet Explorer users in particular - try it out - it's much safer than IE!
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I am going to download it for my Sony.
I hope it comes out for Mac soon so I can put it on it.
My Ie always crashes.
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I use Mozilla-Firefox and have been pretty happy with it. I'll keep my eye on Google though and see what people say about it over time.
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Darn! I love having numerous browsers to choose from, and wanted to download this one in the English version, but only managed to get the German one. I guess that means I'll stick to Firefox and Opera for the time being.
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Another Firefox user here, but I'll be looking out for the Google one.
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Wow, how cool!! My computer is too old to download it, but Im looking forward to hearing more about it!
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Tell 'em to hurry up with the Mac version!
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I've never had any problems with Internet Explorer. I think I'll stay with a good thing. Why fix what's not broken?
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Do you have problems with pop ups, spyware, pages loading slow etc?

I was so excited when I moved to Firefox - it was soooo much better than IE. You should try out Firefox or Chrome - you don't know what you're missing.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Do you have problems with pop ups, spyware, pages loading slow etc?
No, not really.

I'll probably check Google out, just out of curiousity more than anything. But I usually don't change things unless I'm having problems.

Does your hubby get a percentage or something if he brings in a new user?
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I wish!!!!!
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
I wish!!!!!

Too bad! I was thinking I might change, if you'd let me in on a little "profit"!
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I've downloaded it & am giving it a test run. I dislike Firefox as it's a PITA, but only because my computer seems to hate it.
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I use firefox and it's awesome but i'll consider chrome
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Interesting. I will give it a try as soon as a Linux version is available. Until then, Firefox will do just fine.
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I'm an Opera devotee, but I'll probably have a look at Google. (I've tried Firefox and would take it over IE in a heartbeat, but still prefer Opera.)
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I used IE until about 6 months ago. only reason I left and went to firefox was because of the add-ons that weren't available for IE.

Chrome is nice, I've been using it, but it's got a LONG way to go before I'd consider a change. The Google community is good in that they will quickly develop stuff so it shouldn't be long.

The irony here? people are saying how much better than IE it is, but you watch, 99% of the IE users aren't going anywhere. This will end up eating a big chunk of the FF people, but not IE.
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I heard about this on NPR radio. I think Google does some awesome stuff so I can't wait to try it out!
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Downloaded it and now will see if I like it!
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I like the feature where when you open a new tab, it shows pages you've viewed recently. (I am easily amused)
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Noticed a link when I opened my browser today, google is my home page. I love Firefox but might check out Chrome just to see what it's like.
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Well I just downloaded it, and...I love it! It's lightening fast! True, there are no bells and whistles, it's definitely sparse, but really, who cares?

Two things I just noticed...I now have spell check here, which I never had before, and the hyperlink button, which hasn't worked since I "upgraded" to IE7 now works! I didn't realize how slowly my pages were loading. Now I'll be thoroughly spoiled.

I'm a convert!
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Okay, one problem I can't seem to figure out. When I try to play a flash game it said I had to download adobe flash player. No matter now many times I tried, it will not load. It will stink if I have to use IE to play flash games.

The arcade games here won't load at all.
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I Use AOL but have to use IE on the comp in the spare room, I hate IE,
Im tempted to download something else but am unsure what, I may look at the chrome but whats firefox??
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The installer crashed on my computer. So, not a very auspicious start!
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OK I dont like it sorry! There is a site I use a lot, it wont open in aol so have to use it in IE, this new fangled Google wont open it, so sorry its being uninstalled!!!
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I just heard about it this morning and downloaded it. It's pretty fast.

ETA Wow this thing is quick. LOL Don't think I'll be using IE anymore.
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Originally Posted by fastnoc View Post
I used IE until about 6 months ago. only reason I left and went to firefox was because of the add-ons that weren't available for IE.
Oh, I hadn't thought of the add-ons. I really need those Firefox add-ons. I'm sure Chrome will have some sort of gmail notifier, but I also use Zotero with Firefox so I would still need Firefox for my "academic" browsing.
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I'm quite happy with Firefox but might load Chrome on my desktop as I think DH used IE which caused my malware problem yesterday.
My ISP uses IE for its homepage so I can't get rid of it though.
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I downloaded it last night in Windows on the Mac just to check it out and WOW it's so fast!!!! I thought Firefox was fairly fast, but gee, that's impressive!

It's great for all the basic stuff, and it may take a little bit of time to get all the cool apps for it - given it's open source there will be a lot of cool extensions happening soon, I have no doubt.

I'm back in Mac mode, so not using it anymore, but I may boot back into Windows so I can play with it some more
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