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Tiger is not interestedin playing

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So ive tried doing everyhting from lasers to strings but still nothing. Hes about to be 4 yrs old on the first of Oct. is this normal behavior for his age or should he still be active? I also think it has to do something with Budy the new kitten introduced to him and my other cat but its been well over a month now sience hes been introduced.When i pick up Tiger he growls at me like he doesnt want me touching him and he wasnt like that, he also sleeps all day mostly and i try to encourage him to play but just doesnt want to.Budy tries to play with him but he just ignores him.Cabezona my female cat doesnt come out much either sience Hyper went missing.Could it be that they miss Hyper?
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He sounds ill to me.
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Hes not ill, the vet said hes in excellent condition and about 3 weeks ago he received his vaccines an then a couple days later he received his boosters and its been 4 days sience his boosters.Im thinking hes just bored and wants to go outside, ive been keeping him indoors for 2-3 weeks and he use to go out once a week. I just dont want to let him out anymore because ive seen coyotes in front of my windows eating in the trash cans and i think they got my other cat Hyper wich has been missing for almost 2 months now. I dont want to loose him sience he was the first cat i got. Ill just have to get him new toys.
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Originally Posted by Catstorm View Post
Hes not ill
My apologies. In my experience, a cat (specially if it has been with me for a long time) that would suddenly growl at me and acts like it does not want to be touched, is in extreme pain or very ill.
Maybe you are right, and he is depressed.
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No need to appologize.Hes doing much better now, hes playing with budy now chasing eachother around the apartment.I let him out for a couple hours, think he just needed some fresh air from being indoors for a while.Cabezona is still a little shy towards budy but shes starting to interact with him.Glad Tiger is bacl to his normal activity though.
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He may also have had a slight reaction to those last vaccinations.

However, it often takes a while for a cat to get back to normal after any change in the household. And any new cat in the mix will affect the behavior of the other cats, too.
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