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I layed down in bed last night and was petting Popsie. I saw something on my pillow move out of the corner of my eye. It was a SPIDER. I screamed and sat up and almost knocked poor Popsie over. Now normally I don't mind spiders and I will even let them roam the house, but when one invades my personal space, it has to be killed.
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The last time that happened to me it was Biscotte who saw it before I did. We both jumped but she got it and it vanished so fast! I was surprised because she was bitten by one last year and I thought she would have been more wary, but I was very grateful.
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I don't mind them from a distance. but I hate it when they surprise me
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I like spiders-they eat other insects but there is a place for them and on the bed is not the right place!!
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I'm not so keen on huge spiders, yet I don't mind the small's worse during the summer for me 'coz most of the big ones find their way into my bedroom and normally perch on the wall beside my bed, or on some occasions the bed itself
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When I was younger I was laying in the grass and when I looked over there was a HUGE spider on my shoulder and i've hated them ever since
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Oh, I feel for you -- spiders are THE WORST. I'd rather face a snake than a spider!
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About 2 nights ago I said to my mom that I wanted to watch Aracnophobia (sp?) but in the end I kinda chickened out

Good job too, cuz when the other programme we watched instead had finished, 3 huge (and I mean huge! They were like the size of a tennis ball) spiders came crawling out!

Even though I hadn't watched the movie, it still creeped me out. But still, Mitzi tried to help out by eating them
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