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I quit Curves Today!!!

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Does anyone know of any good Gymes that are not to expensive and are ok for arthritis. I didnt feel like I had a good work out at curves because its the same thing every day.
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Look for a Wellness Centre in your area. They are usually well rounded with something for everyone and usually membership includes classes such as aerobics, aquafit, yoga and stretch.

You could also check out the YMCA.

I looked into Curves but decided against it because it seemed very expensive for what you got. Because of physical limitations with my right ankle and left foot, I wouldn't be able to do a few of the machines. I really need cardio but they don't have a treadmill, and all of their equipment is "manual" which would put undo stress on my joints and because I get short of breath with exertion, I wouldn't get the proper work out. So I go to one of our local Wellness Centres.
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Planet Fitness! It's $10-$15 a month (here) depending on when you signed up and the sign up fee is low.

They have a circiut a lot like Curves. I thought that's what I would be using most often, but I never did.

I like the eliptical best. That or the bicycles are low-no impact, which I imagine is great for arthritis. They have TVs hooked to all the cardio equipment.

There are lots of weight machines and free weights. They have showers and hair driers. For $5 extra a month, you can add tanning.
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