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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
I live just a few miles from the Coors brewery. Coors is .
We also live a few miles from a Coors Brewery and maybe that is why I hate Coors so much. I hate to drive by it since the odor in the air is gross.
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I like this Cider.
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It's interesting to compare such a vast difference in taste on this list.

I am not much of a beer drinker, mostly I enjoy wine coolers or mixed exotic drinks, but even then I only drink on occasion, probably three times a year if that.

Having said that if I were to choose a beer (more for economic reasons - beer is cheaper than coolers generally), Coors Light is my beer of choice. In my pre-kid bar-hopping days I have been known to hold a wall up holding a picture of beer dragging out the last call call.

And I can SO relate to the numb lip feeling - that and "spaghetti arms"!

PS - MRBlanche, I loved the story you shared from the comedian. I never thought about how beer was "invented" before... but that is really hilarious. I have often wondered about how several foods were discovered before, like who ever decided to dig a potato out of the ground then eat it? Or who thought that stinky fungus-y mushrooms were a good idea? But it never crossed my mind about the creation of beer. Too funny!
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Well, I like beer but I do prefer wine except at baseball games. It cannot be a ballgame without beer. That would be Un-American.

I have been to the Budweiser brewery in New Hampshire twice. Once with an ex-boyfriend and once with my DH. The Clydesdales were so big and so beautiful!

DH and I also went to the Coors brewery, with the kids, in Golden CO when we were on a month's vacation.

Some of the best places to drink wine are the CA wineries. But the best place to drink beer is the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Germany.
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You know, it's a funny thing about beer. I can't stand drinking it, but I love cooking certain foods in it, b/c it enhances the flavor somehow. A brat soaked in beer and then cooked on the grill is absolutely yum-yum!
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There was a time that I would drink anything from Sleeman to mixed spirits(vodka, rum, gin, and whiskey together). Now I'll only drink one of 2 kinds of beer (Rickards White and Great Western Premium) or else just straight shots of vodka.
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PS - I forgot to comment on the Corona comment.

Obviously, at the prices they charge, and the fact that they have been making it since 1925 - and are still in business, they are doing something right!

It is reported that Corona Extra is the top selling imported beer in the United States.

I know my hubby loves it - despite the price...
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Originally Posted by butzie View Post
But the best place to drink beer is the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Germany.

Much agreed!

Actually one of the "important" things I learned in one of my senior German literature classes in college (it was about literature from the Middle Ages) is that beer was "invented" because it sterilized the water... the water in the rivers and streams was not healthy or safe to drink since those places were used as toilets and bathtubs, but brewing it made it safe! God bless the intelligence of the Germans! haha It was actually a question we had to explain on an exam as well - probably the only "easy" question on any of that prof's 400 level German classes exams
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I'm not sure what it says about me that this is the first non-cat thread I've decided to reply to! I like dark beers, especially German ones (says this gal who's very proud of her German ancestry). There's a great biergarten near us that sells Dinkelacker Dark, and I love to go get one every now and again. I also like Red Hook. Beer makes me feel bloated, though, so one is pretty much my limit. I've been known to occasionally get tipsy on gin and tonics, which are probably my favorite alcoholic drink. I used to drink red wine, but I seem to have developed a sensitivity to the tannins, so I don't drink it much anymore. DH and I knock back a couple drinks on the weekends and enjoy having a social sip when the situation arises.
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Ahhh .... Beer. Right now I'm having a Sleeman's Honey Brown. It's pretty yummy! I also like Red Stripe (when I can find it), Blanch de Chamblie, and Stella Artois. I love artisan/forgeing beers
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I'm enjoying a lager and the sox ball game as I type.... ah the good nights - very sad baseball season will soon be over... beer drinking shall continue, however haha
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i'm german and i prefer the dark beers. i love guiness and black toad and jeremiah red. can't stand budweiser etc.
this restaurant in town, the Yardhouse has a drink called 'Black Velvet', which is guiness and pear cider mixed, and it's really, really good
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I was never really a beer drinker, and after a very bad experience in college, I'll never drink beer again. I had a bad week at school, and just wanted to drink, and people next door had a kegger. Well, 7 party cups of bud light and a shot of vodka after that, I was done. Sick all weekend, and can never drink beer again. Even the smell makes me nauseous.

I like more girly drinks I guess. I love "chick beer" like Smirnoff Ices and Mike's Hard Lemonade. My favorite drink at the moment is Mike's Hard Pomegranate Lemonade. It's sooo yummy! I love mixed drinks too, like sex on the beach and midori sours.
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