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Cat furniture

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OMG!! I've just spent the past two hours on E-Bay looking at cat furniture!! My head is spinning!

There are soooo many different kinds!! I think E-Bay is cheapest, though, I've been looking around. Yahoo Shopping is no where close, Petsmart costs a lot, too. I think I'll try to find something cheap on E-Bay. I sent my dad a couple links for things I found that I liked, and his response was "Are you kidding me??? You are getting ONE cat, right? Not twenty??? You're spoiling your cat and you don't even have her yet!!!"

This was the coolest one (although there's no way it would fit in my apartment!!):

Maybe one day, though . . . when I have a lot of kitties . . .

Seriously, they have faux-fur furniture, plush carpet furniture, Burber carpet furniture, furniture with sisal . . . anyone have any suggestions about what kind is best? What do y'all have for your babies?
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Thats huge! is that for the cats or for the kids!
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my cats LOVE the sisal on theres!!! Let me see if the one i got is on ebay right is a pic of them on it! it was soooo easy to put together!!

oops here is the link to the thread it is in
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this is the one i have!! they don't have any listed right now but i would keep an eye out!
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geees that's huge!!
It would fit here, only because our furnature consist mostly of cat trees anyways, hahaha
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Those are huge! They would fit in my house!
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I'm looking for one that's about my height. (I'm 5'6".) I'm only getting a small 2-bedroom apt., with one cat. I do want something that could accomodate a couple cats, but not too big, either.
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If I can plug one of our sponsors on this site.....

You can find the Cats Play ad on the home page of TCS for their link.

I don't have personal experience with them, but their products looks really well made, and reasonably priced. The best part is you can customize colors and even add toys to your tree! Whenever I have enough money, I'm planning on trying it out.
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Originally posted by AuroraViva
I do want something that could accomodate a couple cats, but not too big, either.
Thinking ahead are we?!! Too cute! Luna already has future friends and she doesn't even know it yet and isn't even home!!! I know how you feel though, I have had Pepper for about 6months and I am so ready to get him a little friend!!
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Yes, I am thinking ahead! I definitely want multiple cats, one day. For now, just one, and then once I have converted Alex to a cat-lover, I'll be able to get more. Hehehe . . .
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Viva - go for it! He'll be a cat lover before you know it. It'd be hard to tell, but my hubby used to HATE cats. And I mean - HATE them. I should look up some of my original posts here.... it all started with him chucking rocks at a cat that kept invading the garbage can! The trick is to get him to have a vested interest in the kitty(ies) somehow.

BTW - that first pic you posted does look like it's for kids, not cats! It's HUGE!!!

Val - I love your cat furniture.

We were limited by our ceilings, which are 77" high. We also didn't want a footprint larger than 24" by 24". We considered a lot of stuff - but, like Heidi, in the end we liked the furniture at catsplay the best. It looks like really fabulous stuff. It even had things that would fit here!

But Gary wanted immediate gratification - and apparently found a pet store in a mall out here where the whole mall is closing. I like the way our cat tree looks. It's designed to look like a treehouse! But while it's cute, now that I have cat furniture, I know what attributes I'd want if designing it myself.

Berber carpet and sisal. (We have sisal posts around, so I don't mind that it's not on the tree). And because we have multiple cats and they ALL love enclosed spaces, I really like the tubes or cubbies up near the top. The one thing I would look for if getting cat furniture that had a cubby-thing up at the top is one that has the platform just below it that sticks out a few inches beyond the edge of the little space that leads into the cubby.

If there's a way out of the top of the cubby, I'd only want it at the edge, not in the middle. They can't stretch out and lounge if the hole is in the middle.

I've had cat furniture for one day, and listen to me! LOL!
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Here's one I found that I like, it's all top-grade Berber carpet . . .

My dad is good at wood-working, and he says it looks like good quality to him . . .

What do y'all think? It's 55" tall, and 18"x18" base. It's on sale for $75.
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$75! Wow! I would buy it in a second! That is a very good deal. It looks sturdy and safe, go for it!
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It has no sisal on it, though. I always heard that was good to have. Maybe I could add a little to one of the legs myself?
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The only thing you need to keep an eye out for in how much the shipping will be. A $75 cat tree that costs $50 to ship isn't as good of a bargain.

But, that being said, eBay is the best and cheapest place to find cat furniture. I bought a 7' high tree (that looks like a tree), I've seen ones just like it online for several hundred dollars. I got it for $35, the hitch was I had to pick it up. The seller was in Greenwich Village, NY city, so I rented a UHaul for $99 for the day and went and got it. $134 was still a wonderful deal for it. She was selling it because she was moving and it wouldn't fit in the elevator of her new apartment building!
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If you are thinking of adding sisal, just a safety note -- you should make sure you use "unoiled sisal". This can be found at a marine or a hardware store.
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I should have just come here to answer my question on the site that showed her new tree!!! Duhhhh, sometimes I get ahead of myself.
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75 bucks is a GREAT deal, even if it does cost 50 to ship it. The fact that it is berber is good too. My house is carpeted in berber. The cats scatch it like mad, and never do a thing to damage it.
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I want a little one for my bedroom too, and I asked if he does custom orders. He said yes, so then I'd having matching posts!! And less shipping, since everything would be shipped together. I'm still waiting to find out how much a little one would cost.
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This is the tree I have. The cats like it. Mine is all carpet. I got hunter green, because I like the color, but in hindsight, I should have gotten a lighter color, as the cats are both orange.

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If you get something that will be for multiple cats, it probably is a good thing, if it has any 'cubbyholes', that each one has two openings (so one kitty is not trapped in there, by another kitty who might be "play-prowling"!!! My friend just recently got me a berber one with a cubbyhole, and it does have an "escape" route at the one side, so the kitty inside, can get out the back entrance!! (I told her, "Now THAT was you, thinking like a kitty!!!" >^..^<
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Hmmm . . . this one doesn't have any escape routes . . .

Do y'all think, overall, this one would be big enough for two cats?

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That's plenty big for two cats!! You might want to get one that has more than one cubby, though, so when you introduce a new cat someday they don't have to share until they're ready to. Those prices are awesome compared to a lot of places. I think $75 is an awesome deal, even with shipping.

I think getting two cats is a good idea. We got two originally because I read that they are better socialized and can enjoy the other cat's company when you aren't around, so they don't get bored and lonely. That being said, don't think you have to get all of them at once. There's plenty of time to introduce companions later on. I'm so excited for you to bring Luna home and can't wait for pics!!!!
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OH! That first tree is just incredible! I WANT IT!!! The second one is nice too actually... oh boy... if I just had the room and the money. (Spike already has a cat tree - I have a harder time justifying another in a 3 room apartment. )
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