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What's your "comfort" food?

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for me, no it isnt ice cream - though i wish i liked the stuff more!

i like hot & salty foods... like pastas, and homemade soups & bread.

salt & vinegar chips and wild cherry pepsi.

i also have an abnormal craving for Mr.Noodles Chicken flavoured cups 'O soup

i love em, i love em!

what about you? what's your comfort food?
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I absoulty adore chocolate....esp. gooey brownies with nuts. YUMMMMMY

I think you will get some interesting answers to your question...Katie
I hope that the HOT weather would head east into the Midwest (esp. the Great Lakes)and leave you ALONE.

DebbieA and the Kids...Tai-Tai, Zoe, and Baby
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Wow I don't know. I love authentic Mexican, especially shredded beef tacos. I have been eating them a lot lately.
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I hope that the HOT weather would head east into the Midwest (esp. the Great Lakes)and leave you ALONE.

thanks for the sentiment Debbie


i also loveeeee authentic mexican, and soft beef tacos

i forgot to add, CHEESE - eat it with everything

i'm sure i'll think of more...

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My comfort food would have to be anything with cheese on it! Grilled cheese sandwiches is mostly what I go for. Then when I am done making my sandwich, I have 3 cats who want part of it too. LOL
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but if I'm feeling really low, I'll make myself cherry or strawberry Jello, but not chill it. I drink it in a mug, like hot cocoa or tea. I add a dollop of whipped cream sometimes.

Why that? My dad and grandma used to put warm Jello in my baby bottle when I was a toddler to help me get to sleep. (I was real fussy)

BTW hot Jello works wonders on a sore throat. I've had an evil summer cold for the past week and wouldn't have been able to tolerate eating solid foods without it.

Feel free to call me a weirdo.
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Hmmmmm, hard to pick a favorite (as my hips will testify!):icecream: :icecream: :icecream:
Chocolate, ice cream, seafood (especially lobster and steamers), really good pizza, baby back ribs...the list goes on and on!:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
Much easier for me to list what I DON'T like..cabbage, cauliflour (sp),brussels sprouts, liver...
Not overly fond of spicy either...
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My favorite food?
Maxx Cat Kitten formula oh no, wait...that's Lily's favorite!

I love Teriyaki Chicken, Chef Salads with lots of Garbanzo Beans, bacon bits, and croutons, and (weird, I know) Tapioca! I think the Tapioca is some deep rooted issue from childhood, altho I don't recall?

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WOW..some very intersting taste here!!

I guess I if I had to narrow them I would say
Authentic Mexican (not this east coast stuff) I was spoiled in CA
French fries with ranch dressing
Jeez..no wonder I can't loose weight
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Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate!!
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My mother's recipie for mac and cheese-
Chocolate should be it's own food group as far as I'm concerned!
My new passion is soft mozarella balls! YUMMY!
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My favourite food - Oysters Rockefeller!
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pizza, nachos, strips (steak that has been dipped in batter then deep fried) chocolate, ice cream, yogurt......all the non-fattening stuff! hee hee
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I'm pretty much in the same boat with Hissy, although I've never had 'strips' before. pizza, all kinds of junk food like cheetos, and sour cream & onion chips, all that crap. love ice cream and sweets. if it's bad for me, I like it.
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fetticini alfredo!!!!!!! (that's a doozy to spell!) The best stuff in the world (as long as I have a glass of milk to go with it!) top it off with an ice cream cone and I'm the happiest girl in the world!
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My comfort foods are either one of the really big plain milk chocolate Cadbury bars or creamy coffee ice cream.

If I don't feel like sweets, I want wonderful bread and butter with a small salad with creamy italian dressing.
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Well, back in the day it used to be a good book and a 1-pound bag of M & Ms. These days I'd be more likely to make a big pot of sauce and some spaghetti. There's a lot of comfort in a favorite childhood meal.
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Well, since I love to eat, it's just about anything. But my true absolute favorite comfort food is Ben and Jerry's Carmel Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream. Thank goodness they only come in pints!!!
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Well, I thought of one more. When I was a kid, my mother used to make egg custard. The supermarket I go to sells an egg custard pie in its bakery department. If I REALLY need comfort, I'll buy a pie and eat the whole thing (not the crust, just the custard part). Mmmmm.
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Do you mean comfort food or weakness food?
I like authenic Mexican, Italian, shrimp. I am not a picky eater and will eat almost anything. My weak food are chocolate, sweets,ice cream. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I developed a taste for tomatoes or anything with tomatoes. So now I love tomatoes. Speaking of food, do any of you know was carne asada. Its thin slices of beef and you grill it over charcoal or gas grill. Before you cook it, you add lemon and salt on the meat. It is really good with salsa and tortillas.
This may be a good place to learn of different foods. Do any of you have good recipes? I get pretty good ones and if I see any I will send them for those who love to cook.

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Mine is salad! Either Caesar salad or grilled chicken! I do not care for sweets and I dont eat red meat often (like less then once a month)!
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Kate, you have the most ingenous ideas for posts! Hmmmmmm, comfort foods? I guess mine would have to me fresh baked (still warm) chocolate chip cookies! Shrimp! ANY cajun food!

This gives me an idea though. WHAT ARE YOUR KITTIES COMFORT FOOD?

Socrates - whisker lickens
Tiger - Beef wet cat food
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Kittykitty- a can of human tuna
Booger- my home made cream style corn!
he goes nuts till I give him some when he smells it cooking!
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What a great thread, Blue!!!!!!!!!

My comfort foods are:

Homemade chicken & noodles over mashed potatoes
Kitkat bars
Chinese take-out
Pizza Hut Pizza
Big greasy take-out burgers loaded with everything
McDonald's fries
T-bone steak...medium
cheddar cheese balls (breaded)

I could continue, but those are the first ones that came to mind.
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:icecream: All this talk about food is making me hungrey. I think I'll go eat some cheesies, or maybe chips N dip. Wait I'll have something sweet with that, how about a nice big choc, bar.

But I have to loose a few pounds so I'll get a strawberry juice bar instead----yeah right! :flash: :laughing:
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A big malted milk-shake (vanilla), which is unobtainable anywhere around here.

Or, Chinese take-away of my choice.

Or, a big steak.

However, I'm supposed to be on a diet. So "comfort" and "food" will of necessity be mutually exclusive for the time being.

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I am also supposed to be on a diet. After having my two children, I am trying to lose weight. I do alot of walking, and I try to eat things that are low in fat. But then, comes the craving. I also ate alot in the past. I used to eat until I was full. Then I started eating small meals and it was hard because then I get hungry later on. Even if I have fruit and veggies for snacks, I'd get hungry. It was even harder when I was with my ex-husband, he wanted me to lose weight, but he didn't really support me(walking together,etc). The hardest thing was that I had to cook things that he liked, things that are high in fat and cholesterol, and if I try to give him healthy stuff, he wouldn't eat it. So, I had to eat it to because there was no way that I would cook two separate things. But now, I am alone, and the summer is coming, so eating salads will be easier.
Any of you who are from Louisiana, I never tried cajun food, and I don't know if there are any here in Utah. I've been hearing so much about how good crawfish are. And the people from New Orleans like hot and spicy. I also like hot and spicy.
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Grrr. . . . If ever again you're stuck with somebody who expects you to cook for them and then complains about the fare, tell them this: "There's the kitchen, there's the stove, there's the refrigerator, there's the pantry and the grocery store is over there. Don't forget your wallet. Have at it!"

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Mr. Cat,
I love it! You tell ummm!!
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I can almost taste those tollhouse cookies! Mmmmm
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