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I would Like you all to meet henry! **Pic Heavy!

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Well After a lot going back and forth Henry came home today, he is 8 weeks old and OMG so cute!

He is a BSH X Devon Rex and I just wana squish him soo much! (actually I already have and he just keeps coming back for more!)

I now feel like I can be (hopefully) a proper member of this forum and get loads tips and advice!!

Anyway heres some piccies of his first few hours in our home,
the first one we brought him home on the train, he had a carrier but preferred to sleep in my arms for the full 45 min journey!!

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YOU REALLY SHOULD POST CUTENESS WARNING. He is absolutley the cutest thing!! Can't wait to watch him growup The picture of him in what looks like mid yawn is my favorite.
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Caption for the next to last one:

I Haz a Happi

And it iz u!
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Oh my goodness what in the world are you going to do with all that adorableness around you daily!!! What a precious little Henry he is. I cant wait to watch this little sweetness grow. He is soooo adorable!!!
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Awwwwwww, what a sweetie!!
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Henry looks like he's laughing in the next to last picture!
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Oh my heart He is so Stinking CUTE
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Oh My Goodness!! He is adorable!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by lmunsie View Post
I have a feeling little Henry is going to need a cuteness warning on every photo of his life. He is just darling and very photogenic.

He looks like he is just a love too.

Congratulations on bringing him home!
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Me, meeee... I want to smoosh him!!!!!
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Oh my he is just gorgeous! I couldn't even pick a favorite picture.
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What a little sweetheart!!!!
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He has got to be the most adorable little kitten I have ever seen.
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I love the picture of Henry and the rat!! You should enter that in a photo contest sometime!

But he's precious!!!
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Oh my gosh I think I just died from his CUTENESS!!! Congratulations on your new arrival
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He is tooooooo adorable!!! Every picture I looked at, I kept saying, "Oh! OH!!! OOOOhhhhh!!!" My own cat started meowing, wondering what was up!

The pic with the rat is adorable. But Henry's got such a photogenic personality! I love the one where it looks like he's laughing!

And the last pic looks like he's thinking, "Yeah. I'm cute. I know it."
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Holy Christmas, what a cute kitten! I mean, I am biased, I think my cats are pretty cute, but you kitten is amazingly adorable! He has so many hilarious expressions! Not only is he extremely adorable, he is also wonderfully photogenic and you got great shots!

I cannot wait to watch this kitten grow up. I just want to smoosh him and snuggle him all day long.

And he makes me ! There are lolcat captions for most of those photos, I think. I want to caption the photo that looks like he is laughing (the second to last one with) "hahahahaha... hah. i had a poop."
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OMG he is so adorable! Congratulations!
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Cuter than possible!!
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Early Morning Photo session!
Sorry These are not the best quality but OMG So adorable!!!!
I love the one of henry & hubby!! At present hubby is sat on sofa with henry bein a parrot!!

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I think Im gona have to fight henry for hubby back! Just took these!!

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well firstly i want to thank you. i've just had the worst night's sleep (no reason, just couldn't drop off) so i've got up tired and grumpy. but...

now i've looked at those pics of the cutest kitten in the world, i feel so much better!

he is chocolate box cute! as others have said, extremely photogenic. think we are going to have lots of awws and ahhs in this thread, plus lots of broody meowmys!
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PS thanks for all the lovly comments!!!!

More comments and LOZ suggestions welcome!
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Did he get cuter overnight Keep those pictures coming
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Oh good grief how have i missed this little muffin man!!

He's as cute as a button and we need more pictures of him asap Look at that face. He's a natural for the camera
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I think he DID get cuter overnight -- though how that's possible I'll never know!
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how do I make a avator?

Ok watch this space as I have the cutest of the cutest bestest ever coming later!!!!!!!!

so this is it for now!!!!!

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He's waaay too cute, and what an expressive little face!!!
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