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My sister had a miscarriage....

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My sister and BIL have been trying to get pregnant for over 2 years. My sister has epilepsy so it makes it hard for her to get pregnant. Well her birthday was last Tuesday and she called to say she took a test and it was positive!! I was over the moon! She estimated she was probably about 6 weeks so she must have known when they concieved. For some reason she wasn't able to get in to her OB/GYN until the end of SEPTEMBER! Strange since this pregnancy would be so high risk. She told my parents on Saturday and Sunday morning woke up bleeding heavily. I called her yesterday afternoon and I have never heard her so sad. My mom told her to stay off her feet until she goes to the doctor Monday for a blood test. Can you guys please send some vibes that mabybe it wasn't a miscarriage. I know that you sometimes spotwhen your pregnant but I don't think that much. I am so heartbroken. I know that they will great parents and it kills me to know my sister is grieving. Thanks guys.....
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Iยดm so sorry to heard about it...
my complete simpathy with her...
for she feel better now...
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I'm sorry to hear this
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oh no, Courtney!! I really hope it wasn't a miscarriage
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Sending many for your sister.
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Awwww, Bless them
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For your sister.

I do feel for her, as my own sister suffered a miscarriage earlier this year. It will take time to heal, but they do say that's what is best. For the family.
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I am sorry about your sister.
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Courtney I am so sorry for the loss I will keep your family in my prayers
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So sorry about your sisters baby.
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Sending lots of to your sister and bil. Perhaps your sister might want to make a doctor appointment just to get checked out after the miscarriage.
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She had a DR's appt. today for blood work and goes back on Wednesday to confirm the miscarriage. She seems in good spirits. She keeps saying that at least they know that they can get pregnant. She says that God has a reason this baby wasn't supposed to be here. I can tell she is still not herself but it'll take time....
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Oh honey, I'm so sorry. No wonder you've been having trouble sleeping the last few nights. . I'm glad your sister is in good spirits. She is absolutely right, at least she knows she CAN get pregnant. And, it she miscarried this early, it wasn't because of her or anything she did it was because their was something wrong with the fetus and somehow her body knew that.

My prayers go out to you, your sister and your whole family.
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