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Sneezing after getting vaccines - is it normal?

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Ku Ku had a combination vaccine(Viral Rhino, Calici, Panleuk) on 19th. Been 4 days since but she still occasionally sneezes. She was on boarding at my vet while I was away and had the vaccine administered(through nostril, not a shot) while she was there. I just picked her up yesterday(22nd) and noticed she sneezed a couple of times, so I asked the assistant(my vet was out for lunch when I went there) and was told that is VERY COMMON after the vaccine was administered. This is absolutely her first time she had any kind of vaccine through her nostril. It was a regular shot when she had the same last time.

Is it really normal, and I should wait for a couple of more days until sneezing gets subsided, or should I bring her back to the vet immediately?

Other than that, she looks and reacts absolutely normal.

Thank you in advance.
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I don't think it's supposed to be normal. More than likely your kitty caught an URI while at the vet's. Continue to watch her and if you notice the sneezing getting worse or if she's got discharge with the sneezing and her eyes start running, take her back to the vet.
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OMG, how did she get that, because of the way vaccine was administered??
OR some kind of reaction toward the vaccine?
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She wouldn't 'catch' a URI from the vaccine or from how it was administered. She would 'catch' it if another cat had a cold. Cats spread colds just like humans do!!

Just watch how it progresses....if there's clear spray when she sneezes and no real discharge from her eyes..then it's a viral cold (URI).
If there's any colour to her sneeze spray, or any colour to her eye discharge, then it's a bacterial URI..and get her to a Vet for antibiotics.

A viral cold will take at least 2 to 3 to sometimes 4 weeks to clear up. The kitty should start feeling better in about 10-14 days. Make sure she eats and drinks. She may just want to sleep and not play or be too active.

Hope that helps.
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Seems she's doing OK today, doesn't sneeze as much, also started running around like before. Maybe it wasn't URI?
I'm not so sure at this point yet. I'll keep monitoring how she does...I may talk to my vet tomorrow.

Thank you all for the advise
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The nasal vaccine typically causes some sneezing for a few days after administration. It is perfectly normal.

I have been using the nasal vax for awhile now and each cat reacts differently. Some sneeze more than others, but it is a common reaction.

If your cat has been behaving as normal, other than the occasional sneeze, then I doubt she has contracted a URI during her boarding.
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