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Originally Posted by clixpix View Post
I was having this discussion with Chester&Piper, and said that in RL I would never sign a card with my cats' names, but I have when sending to TCS members. It got me many of us sign cards and letters with our cat's names?
I also sign their names to credit card bills and mortgage statements and contracts of all kinds.
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I sign my boys names to my cards, unless they've gotten their own cards for whoever it's for. They always give cards their own cards (with cat-appropriate motifs) to DH and my nieces.
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Chester signs cards for family and close friends. He does not like ink on his paws so I have a paw print rubber stamp to use as his signature.

Last year I ordered custom postage stamps with his picture on them to use on holiday cards.
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Indeed I do...and Ringo is even on our address labels.
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I only sign cards for people here and for my family.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
If it's people I know really well, or people who also love their cats like I do, I sign the cats names as well.

If it's people who don't care for cats, I don't bother.

Edit: And if I sign the cats name, I draw little paw prints next to my x's.
Same exact for me too...complete with paw prints
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My soon to be MIL loves cats, so why not. A few of my other friends think it is silly but cute (they love cats too) and some people I would never do that with. They dont get the cat love thing...
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Oh yes! Most people have to hear all about them all the time so it`s only right they sign cards and put kisses and footprints
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Depending on who the card is for, I always sign all of my pets names usually.

And next to their names, I draw a little pawprint, a carrot and a millet stick for the bird
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Our critters have always sent their own cards to some of our family/friends. Certainly Daddy and Mummy get cards from the kids as well as from each other -- it's interesting how their paw-writing changes depending on which human helped them.

Other than Mummy and Daddy, they send cards to those humans they feel closest to. They always sent cards to their grandparents, and they had a card for their Uncle Rupert the other week.

Neither of us admits to giving them an allowance, but they always seem to have some money to spend on gifts for us, too. Maybe they sell the mice they catch..
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Yes. The animals are part of my family.
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I buy cards from cats and usually give them to my husband.
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