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Can I please have a life outside of work!

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Hi everyone,

Yet another update.
I work in a small office and right now there is 1 person on vacation for a week and it feels like the world is coming crashing down (total of 4 people in the office). I have tried to be mindful of my time management and I seem to be getting a lot done however my co-workers desks are disasters which means (LUCKY ME!) when I need to find files I have to sort though the towering piles on various desks without sending the pile falling onto the hapless victim co-worker on the telephone.

On top of that I am dealing with my best friend finding out she is Pregnant with her (unexpected) 3rd child and her not knowing what to do because her Husband is participateing in Iron Man for the next 2 weeks and she dosn't want the responcibility of telling her parents alone. She also had to Declaire bankruptsy earlier in the year and dosn't think she can afford the added expense. On top of that her Mother in Law is getting married and her husband thinks it will be a wonderful suprise to tell the mother-in-law about the baby on her wedding. (She'll be showing by then and she is suposed to be lighting the unity candle for the family durring the ceremony, mother-in-law won't see her prior to the wedding so BIG SUPRISE!) Needless to say I have been copeing with a stressed out, hormonal, pissed-off womaan and i'm not even married! I love her to death but I am trying to help long distance because she lives over an hour away and all I want to do is give her a big hug, babysit the kids (ages 4 and 2) for her and tell her to go for a walk.

To top everything off I am lonley and havn't had a date in a year, since I moved back to my parents house. I don't know I think my life has stalled and started in reverse. Anyone on the same path as me?

I feel better now, thanks for letting me vent!
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Take a step back and some deep, cleansing breaths.... whoooooooooooo!

OK - work sitch - is temporary unless it's always stressy and made worse when someone goes on vacay.

Your friend - be a good friend, but don't let her make you crazy. SHE has to handle the problem.

And the boyfriend thing ... ah, I can relate. I had a very long dry spell before I started dating my current squeeze. You need to go do things you enjoy and mix it up with people. That's the best way to find someone. I met my guy through a mutual friend.
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