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I Have A Litterbox "Helper"!

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Every time I go to scoop out the litterbox, Ricochet will come to "help" me. It's so cute! He'll take his paw and stick it in the box, and "scoop" the litter. It cracks me up every time!
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What a good helper! Mine think that I enjoy scooping litter boxes so much that they wait until I am done so that they can provide more "scoopables" .
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I get helpers too. Griffin will actually climb in to try to make a deposit while I'm trying to scoop. I finally started closing the door behind me when I go in to scoop, to have a bit less "help"!
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aww I wish mecha'd do something like that,
if I'm just scooping she hangs arou nd and as soon as I am done she jumps in, has a sniff and then goes toilet.
and if I attempt to wash her litter box she will spazz out and try and hop in it, adamant that she had to go toilet RIGHT NOW damn you! lol
so her box doesn't get washed that often because she won't let me lol
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Up until only recently, Chloe would run up to the litter box to see what I was doing. She would just sit and stare at me clean the box. Then, after I left, she would use it.
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My "alpha" cat Rocky does the same thing. He waits for me to finish and jumps right in to make sure it smells like him.
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Well, y'all are not alone! Nine times out of ten, one of my furbies will jump right in too, right after I get done scooping it out. And as soon as it's dumped, cleaned out, and refilled with fresh litter, one of them (or more) will invaribly stink it up all over again..
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