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Help - my new cat humps me!

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I just got a gorgeous sleek black neutered male cat from the ASPCA three days ago. He is a little over a year old.

He seems to like really like it here and has adjusted well (He purrs constantly) He is extremely affectionate and friendly.. though I'm afraid a little TOO friendly! After the first day, he won't stop humping me! OR my boyfriend!

I haven't seen him do this to any inanimate objects, but whenever he is on either of our laps, he will start to knead. This is shortly followed by pelvic thrusts and sometimes love bites. When this happens, whatever affection is given to him is abruptly stopped while a firm "NO!" is commanded. He usually gives a little growl, and then starts to lick his erection. I can't believe this is happening.. after all.. he is NEUTERED.

This afternoon, I even got up quickly and left the apartment to go for a walk. I thought he would get the hint being left alone, but he just started up again a few minutes ago.

I don't know what to do. My cat and I are just starting to get to know each other. He is my first pet. Why is he doing this? Is he trying to exert dominance over us or what? It was funny the first time, but not the last 10. This is not what I wanted when I decided to adopt! I'm feeling a little frustrated/freaked out.

The ASPCA has a behaviour hotline and I will take him in to see a vet. I did a search through this board for owners with similar problems, but did not find any threads with resolutions. Does anybody have any suggestions or have any experiences/sucess stories that resolve this type of nusance?
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I would be concerned if he has been neutered correctly. I would take him to your vet and have him check him, also when was he neutered? If he has already mated prior to his neutering (and chances are he has if he was outside prior to being taken to the shelter) this is just instinctive behavior brought on by kitten season.

You can buy a Feliway Comfort Zone plug in for your room to see if that will help- but it almost sounds like they only cut one testicle unless he was just recently neutered, which I why I suggest a vet visit.

When he engages in this behavior, blow one puff of air into his face and tell him to quit, but don't hit him and don't hurt him, because all he is doing is being a cat.
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Thanks for the reply, Hissy.

I would never hit/hurt him. I just discourage him and have started blowing a puff in his face, as you suggested. "Loverboy" will attempt to hump whenever he is on my lap.

Due to all the discouragement, it seems like he is not as happy as he was when he was first here. He walks around and lets out a grumble here and there. We play games a lot, but even then, there is a little grumble.

I don't know when he was neutered, but he was born in a shelter. So he was probably fixed whenever it was appropriate to do so.

It puzzles me. The vet visit is in the works. I just want my new cat to be happy & affectionate, but without all the sexuality geared towards me.
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I'm sorry it is a little funny, but yeah it would get annoying, I am sorry that this was your first experience with your first cat, not all cats are like this! Specially not towards their people, but hopefully it will stop, defeintly check in with the vet, try the feliway plug-in hissy suggested.

Good luck!
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My Boy Cubby, who is also neutered, humps my smelly old furry slippers a lot. At first I was surprised, but now I do not mind. I think it is kind of funny. I know when he is doing it as I can hear him crying out in "ecstasy " during the act. He loves them so much I cannot even bring myself to throw them out, after all they are his "girl friend"!
he also loves to hang out in the bathroom when I have a shower. This seems to get him all excited because afterwards he goes straight to the slippers for a bit of a session,crying out and carrying on. Sometimes he will finish the job off with a good lick. Is this too much information?
It does not bother me at all. In fact it makes me laugh - the ridiculousness of it all.
now I am worried you will think I am some kind of weirdo pervert!!! But really I am just so used to it now.
But I agree that you should take your little chap to the vet, as a lap is not as acceptable a love object as a pair of old slippers!!!
here's a pic of Cubby at it!!!!

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I have a 11 ear old deaf cat who humps me and my whife and our other 11 year old male cat. He has been checked to see if he was fixed right or not. He has done this most of his life since he was fixed its annoying and I just throw him off the bed when he does it. None of the vets I have taken him to can tell me why he does this.

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