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Need Feliway help, please?

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Hi, I got some Feliway spray and a Feliway diffuser. I can't figure out to use the diffuser. How does the bottle that comes with the diffuser go into it? Thank you
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There should be directions on the package. It works exactly like a plug in air freshener. Screw off the cap and pop it into the plug in part. If I remember correctly, I think you should not put next to food or litter. Read what the company suggests on the label.

Hope that makes sense.
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Does it need to be plugged in in the room he's in for him to benefit? I can't get to the lone plug in that room without him attacking me. If I plugged in in the hallway, a few feet away from the closed door, will he still benefit from it? I sprayed some of the spray in the room and around the door.

Should I spray it on my clothes if I have to go in there?
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Plugging in the hall is worth a try if you can't get to him. Spraying in room is good.

I have sprayed myself when I brought feral rescues in my home with nowhere else for them to go. Worth a try again, couldn't hurt.

Until you can get to vet, you may try reading the sticky about introductions. May be some helpful things.

Did you see the part in the agression sticky about vicks vapor rub. Sounded like something to try for when you need to go in room.

You and he both are going to get through this soon. Hang in there.
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The diffuser covers a large area (up to 650 sq. feet) so it doesn't need to be right where the cat is. I would suggest putting it in an open area so that it can diffuse, ie. don't put it in a plug that is behind furniture so that the vapour settles on the furniture.

Spraying the room would definitely help, especially around the door.

If he's attacking you, you might want to try some Rescue Remedy in his water to help calm him down.

Good luck!
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