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Introducing Kaze

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Took her in because previous owners were tired of her, not taking care of her health properly, and didn't want to see her dumped. They claimed it was because they 'didn't have time to play with her' and they 'felt bad.' But they hurried me out the door with her and all her things...

She's a petite girl, named her Kaze (kah-zee), and is very talkative. Kaze is about 10-11 weeks old. She will tolerate being in the same area as dogs. It took her awhile to warm up to the kittens here, and she's not entirely adjusted, but will watch the kittens play and join in. I'm so luckily that Leo and the new princess kitten are so mellow and welcoming, I doubt I could find better kittens to introduce another kitten to the concept of 'cats-are-friends.'

She's been wormed, vaccinated, and will be flea-treated before I place her in a home. I will require a spay contract and set up an appointment for her when she's adopted, (maybe even before).

She has beautiful van coloring, (orange-colored head and tail, the rest is white).

Will not adopt her out to anyone with children under age 10, as she is fiesty and will occasionally play scratch and bite, (we are working on that). I think there was some aggressive hand-play with her previous owners.

I have some photos in an album of her, but will post the same here. If you live in the Kansas City or surrounding areas in Missouri or Kansas, and are interested in adopting her, send me a pm!

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What a beautiful little girl
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What a cutie! If we lived closer I'd definately want to see her, and no doubt bring her home with us. Luv those markings.
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Awwww, what a sweetheart!
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aww she is darling
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She's beautiful! I hope you are able to find her an owner soon Just an interesting fact - "kaze" means "wind" in Japanese
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She is a beauty. I love van markings. I hope she gets a good home where people will teach her not to hand play. I don't do it with my kits because of this.
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Figured I'd update and mention that all the kittens, including Kaze, found great new homes !
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