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Does your cat do this?

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When I play with Grayski,with the laser light,he hunches down and makes this funny noise and his bottom jaw quivers,it is so funny,is there a name for this? I take it all cats do this? I have seen it with the other cats also but Grayski is the funnest!
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Is that the same sound as when they mimic birds? My cats do that when they are looking at birds, and sometimes flies. It´s a funny sound.
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moemoe does that when he sees birdies. It's so cute!!!
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Rowdy "chitters", when she's watching birds or lizards.
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That's it! It is so funny!!!
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Yep....Merlin does this!!! But not at a lazer light or birds....at (of all things) FLIES!!!! He HATES them!!!! When they get under the lamp shade, buzzing around, he squats down under it looking up, and does this "chattering" bottom lip quivering thing!!!
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I've seen cats do that before! It always cracks me up!
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I haven't seen Jake or Drew do it, but I've seen Sebastian do it when he's seen spiders, and when he was looking outside our window and saw deer. His lip started quivering and he made that chattering sound. I laughed so hard. He kept pacing the window making that noise.

I wonder why they do it? Anxiousness?
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My cats do that too, I thought it was a unique quality. HA HA
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Oh, my boys doesn various similar sounds when they watch bidrs, mainly!! they are hilarious!!! !!!
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Yes..both do especially when they are looking out the window at birds or trying to chath a bug or fly or something like that..It's pretty cute
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