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I know most of you must have it very hot some times; at the moment it has reached 55°C or 131°F: It has been extra hot this year; i was wondering if any of you can offer some advice as what we can do for the cats: they are all suffering from the heat:they can go outside if they want or stay indoors; we don't make them do what they don't want to: is there anything we can give them or do for them to make them feel better:
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There have been some tips.....rub them down with a wrung-out towel.....splash water on their toes, which will make them lick it off and therefore get some hydration into them........run some fans, they will have the option of laying in the breeze. Provide plenty of water bowls in different areas of the house....then they don't have to expend too much energy looking for them.

Basically just keep an eye on them....and phone your Vet if you notice any breathing problems. Perhaps a call to your Vet for his/her suggestions would be helpful too.

Hope that helps! We have central air conditioning so it's not something that I have to worry about...and..it doesn't get that hot here!!

Good Luck..hope the heat leaves soon.
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If the heat is that hot, they should be in a cool place, floor, fan, A/C or if you don't have that, then wet the cats down - either by washcloth and water or put them in the tub and get them wet. That's what I had to do when the A/C went out.
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I just had the same problem the other night when the A/C broke.
I will post my thread here because people had good ideas.
Here are the answers they gave me.
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Put ice cubes in the water bowls. My cats love cold water. If theirs isn't cold enough they drink my glass of iced tea. Even if they don't drink the cold water, they'll play with the ice, which cools their paws.
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