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Secret Santa Sign Up!! - Sign ups are closed  

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It's Secret Santa time again!! Please read the following before sending your email.

In order to participate, you must:
1. Be serious about participating and committed to sending out your gift. If you are either logistically or financially unable to ship your gift to arrive in time for December 25th, please do not sign up.
2. Be at least 18 years old.
3. Have 300 or more posts. If you're not quite to 300, please note this part of our rules:

10. a) We will not allow spamming. Threads about nothing or for the sole purpose of bumping up post counts are not allowed and will be removed without notice. This includes duplicate posts. So no posting just to get your post count up in order to be eligible to sign up this year.
4. Been a member for 6 months as of the close of registration (in other words have registered in March 2008 or earlier).
5. OR be a Subscribing Member, which would overrule #3 and #4.

*Please note: Except for extraordinary circumstances, if gifts are not received by your recipient in a timely manner, or at all, you will not be eligible to participate in the future.

You have until September 12th to sign up. No further registrations will be allowed after that date.

To sign up, please send an email to tcs.secretsanta@gmail.com.

In your email please include the following:

~TCS Username
~Real Name
~Mailing Address
~Are you willing to ship overseas/to another country?
~Hints for your Secret Santa, including but not limited to: t-shirt size, favorite colour, food/fragrance likes/dislikes, anything you collect (within the price range), your kitty's likes/dislikes, and any other hints you think would be helpful.

We will send you confirmation (from the above email address) that we received your email. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 2 days, please resend your information.

Each person will receive one member as their Secret Santa recipient. You will receive an email with your recipient's information within a few days after sign ups have ended.

The upper price limit is $15-20USD, NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING. As of August 4, 2008, this converts to: 9.62-12.83 EUR, 7.64-10.19 GBP, 15.55-20.73 CAD, 16.12-21.49 AUD. Check here for additional currency conversions. Please note: this amount isn't set in stone; it's just mentioned here as a guideline. It's normal for people to spend more, but no one is obligated to.

A note about shipping: You should check your shipping options for the destination as soon as you have your SS name, so that you can make the best decision about when and how to ship -- for instance, the "slow boat" option for overseas shipping is no longer offered by USPS, so you'll have more time to shop, but it will cost more to ship overseas. There may be other changes, too, so be sure to check well in advance.

Let the fun begin!!
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I am in and have done it in other groups before.
I will email the info later.
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Woohoo!!! I'l just resend last years email with all my info
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Wow...Secret santa already and it is only August. I have never done it before...I will sign up!
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Ooh how fun! I just checked international shipping prices holy cow!
I guess if I sign up for it its just domestic shipping for me!
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I've just sent my email
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Can't believe it's that time again already. Count me in!
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YES!!! I'm so excited, I get to participate this year.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Woohoo!!! I'l just resend last years email with all my info
i didn't even think of that! anyway, had to update Firefox's prefs, besides...
email has been sent!
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I'm signed up!
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I can't believe it's that time already. I'm In.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Woohoo!!! I'l just resend last years email with all my info
So glad that I saw your response...that way I could steal your idea!
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ah, I've signed up now. I really really like the clarification on the rules - and about shipping prices. I know they are high - but if you buy lots of light stuff it's not too bad! :P
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I just emailed my info.
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I am a Secret Santa virgin! I am so excited!
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Oh goody! I can't wait to start shopping.

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18 people have signed up already.
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
To take part or not to take part... hmm tough decision

I'd just love to take part, but unfortunately, we just can't afford to right now. I was hoping we'd be in a better financial situation by now, since I missed out on last year's Secret Santa. But with four more "mouths" to feed and more vet bills, well, it's just not gonna happen..

Oh well, there's alway next year..
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I will have to think about it with a new house this winter AND a wedding in the summer-we shall see......
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Woohoo!!! I'l just resend last years email with all my info

That's exactly what I'm going to do...I knew I saved that e-mail for a reason!
Going to go send it off right now
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I love secret santa! I'm so excited! Since our family only does small gifts I can afford this and I think this is sooooooo fun!
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Mine is in This should be fun!!!
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To all of you who can participate -- BLESS YOUR HEARTS! I think it's just wonderful, and such a sweet thing to do!
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Yay! I came on today to ask about Secret Santa, and here's the thread!

For my "likes", I thought to include "cats"... but we all like cats!
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I signed up last year and it was fun! It was also one of the last happy memory I had so I think that if I can make someone else happy, then that is all that matters. I'm going to be sending in my email soon.
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I'm in!!!!! I sent my email!!!!!
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I am totally in this year! Missed the deadline last year, not this time!

Secret here we come!
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I sent my email and signed up!
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Count me in! I had a ball last year! I'll be sending my email probably tomorrow.

I've already have bought some cat related gifts just for this! I figured that is one thing I couldn't go wrong on.
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I signed up this year
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