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Canned "Heat"

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Just a thought, but there should be a feline product called, "Canned Heat," or "Can of Heat," that you spray around your yard to attract roaming toms. No sign of Myst yet, and I scoured the busy, main streets again looking for injured or dead cats. I put out a red fuzzy sweater that I often wore while petting and holding Myst, one of Myst's litterboxes, and some food in his dish. It should be interesting to note if and when Myst comes back. Also, I saw Myst's playmate, the female calico, heading down the street again towards our house.

Mee-yoo hoo, Myst!

~Yes, I am guilty of making kitty noises~
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I sure hope your baby comes home soon! I agree there should be a phermone for cats! This is good for trapping ferel toms as well. I am sending "come home" vibes!
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I'm hoping and praying that he comes home, too. Since it's dark out, I just brought in the food because it's apt to be gobbled up by a raccoon. What's interesting is that I'm looking at a street guide map and I can probably draw an arc or circle of half a mile to a mile radius surrounding our exact pinpoint location. We have a nice expanse of beautiful wild, wooded ravine right in the middle of outerlying streets (mine included) and if Myst wanted to, he could have crossed the creek or ravine to the other side of the woods bordering on streets he never visited. This is what's scary, because that stretch of wild, wooded area could be home to potential predators. Then there's always the possibility of some mishap or accident happening to Myst in unknown territory.

It's extremely regrettable that a lot of the population (me) is so unknowledgable (stupid) about cats. It's either to neuter or to lose a cat.

"Myst's mom"
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Good luck finding your baby!! Keep us posted!!
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I hope Myst returns home to you! Sending "come home" thoughts!
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I can't believe it! Myst was spotted again today, just a few houses up the street and guess what?!! He has a girlfriend! A black cat! My silver tabby has a black cat girlfriend! Here I am, searching a street guide map, marking a mile radius of roaming territory and trekking into the dangerous wild woods day and night, calling for my missing baby, and here he's spotted again ONLY A FEW HOUSES UP THE STREET IN A NEIGHBOR'S BACKYARD by a plastic children's playset, sitting with his girlfriend or catfriend or whatever! (In the meantime, I'm driving down every street in a 5 mile radius looking for injured and dead cats)

My missing baby is only 1/5 of a mile away! And he hangs out with his girlfriend or catfriend by the school building next to the woods and after walking there and checking out the location, trust me, this area is a cat's paradise! There's a shallow meandering creek with fallen trees that cats can walk across, a catwalk bridge to another church and school area, a large grassy soccer field, three thick, hearty, low branched crabapple trees for climbing and sitting, (the perfect scratching post, by the way), and some enclosed shelters for hiding around the buildings with overhangs, not to mention *fish fry* on Friday night and yummy fish leftovers for cats! I also spotted a Canadian goose preening itself.

According to one of the school kids, Myst was sitting with his catfriend, the black cat, then they walked off together, side by side, towards the school. Will wonders ever cease?

Thanks so much for your wishes and vibes. At least I know that Myst is still alive, but I'm not so certain that he will return to his comfy sofa, soft chair, and good food. I'll keep you posted with more updates as I receive them. Thanks again, DragonLady, Aurora Viva, and jgaruba!

Myst as a little kitten:
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I haven't posted, but I have been following your heartwrenching search. I'm so glad you got some good news! I'm adding (already added in though, just writing it down!) my "Come Home Myst" energy to your search.
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