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Sleeping with your cats

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Well it seems my 2 other cats have picked up the slack when it comes to visiting me in my bedroom. Normally I pass out on the couch but I just could not sleep for the life of me lastnight, so I went to the bedroom and no sooner I was there, Oreo came in and hopped on my chest and Radar was soon beside me. I finally went to sleep with the sound of Oreo purring away like a diesel engine on idle.
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hehe I love it when they do that. but I usually wake up to find them on me or as soon as I wake up, some "human is up" alarm goes off and Roo comes running in and puts me back to sleep with his purring.
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Cabbie - I think your cats sense you are upset and they are trying to comfort you. Maybe they are upset at the loss of their little friend also.

Give them lots of love to let them know they are special as well, they as much as anyone will help you get through this dark time you're having.
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Too cute! Mine will sleep with me sometimes, but not for very long...usually in the middle of the night is when they chose to romp around our room, and they think it is playtime...
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Awwwww! Cats do the sweetest things sometimes!! When I used to live at my mom's house, one of the cats always came in to snuggle with me when I woke up every morning before I got out of bed!
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Whenever our cat/s sleep on the bed, we always seem to sleep round them for some reason. I'll be hanging off the side and the cat will be stretched out as comfortable as anything in my space
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If Opie and/or Rowdy sleep with us, its on my side of the bed, on the king-sized pillow next to me. (I use the pillow to cushion and support my arthritic shoulder and hip.) They're pretty good about working around me.

We've only had Buddy one night but he seems to like the headboard.
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Fred and Georgia will flop anywhere there is an empty space on the bed. Pearl has to have everything a certain way for her to sleep with me. Leo would just cuddle down between us, sometimes sharing a pillow, on his back, under the covers like a little person.
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Isn't this always the way. WE have seven and 5 have to sleep with me OR ELSE!!! If one of them is left out of the room they'll wait till I'm almost in slumber then wail like they're hurt. So I'll get up and let that one in and another decides to escape so it's like this game. I finally figured out if I use treats to get them in they all have a mid-night snack then the other 2 scat and I close the door quick.
Everybody has their own spot on the bed too. Lucky, there's no man there or he'd end up on the couch. After we'll comfy, they seem to all sing together and it kind of vibrates the bed so I go to sleep so happy. I have trouble sleeping without them, I wonder what will happen if I ever get married?
Afunny thing is if one of them trys to sleep on you and then in the middle of the night you wake up with a dead leg. =) HAHAHA
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Tavish only sleep on the corner of the bed once in a while if it is very chilly in the house.

Jude (my god) Jude is too stubborn to sit down between my legs even if i move a lot. Jude is still there. Jude also like to sleep on my side of my hip. Jude is pretty good at balancing! Even i am pregnant and Jude still sits on my hip I guess my hip is now more room for him to sit on. :LOL:
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Peanut, a past cat, slept snuggled against my butt. This was not a problem, except in the winter. He liked to burrow under the covers and its difficult to sleep, when your butt is being tickled!
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Max sleeps with me every night. He starts out in the crook of my arm and then sometime in the night he ends up either on my feet or in the crook of my knees. He purrs me to sleep and when I am away from home I have a hard time falling to sleep without that comforting sound. He sleeps all night in the bed and will usually awake about 5 min before the alarm goes off. I don't know why I bother to set an alarm in the first place.

Max's Mommy
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Loki sleeps with me every night tucked tightly into my left arm pit
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Pepper sleeps with us at night, as does Bella. Bella sleeps right in between my bf and I up at the top of the bed, and Pepper makes a little pit in the covers every night right in between my feet. So when I move around at night I have to slide my feet slowly around so as not to disturb his little sleeping pit! I wouldn't want it any other way!
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I sure hope you have a king size bed
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LOL! We only have a queen, but believe me, we have plans to buy a king as soon as we buy our own house for sure! Especially since we would like to double our family and add another kitty AND another great dane in the next few years!
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all five sleep on my bed and we only have a queen size bed,makes it real hard to move !! Forget tyring to get up to pee!!
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Spike usually starts off sleeping on his cat tree... but by morning, he ends up sleeping next to me on my bed.
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We have one cat and a king-size bed, but the cat still sleeps on top of my feet or legs, moving to my husband's feet or legs if I'm tossing and turning. When he was little he slept on my head, but when he reached 13 lbs. I had to put a stop to that.
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Even though I have a full size bed and only one kitty. I find that quite often I end up sleeping on just the very edge of the bed and Max in lengthwise on the rest of the bed and I wonder how he does that. Does anyone else have this problem?

Max's Mommy
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We have this fluffy down comforter that Spooky seems afraid of. She'll only walk along the very edge of the bed if the sheet happens to be sticking out. Otherwise she'll run through the tube (lowest level on the floor next to the bed), pop out near the head of the bed, climb up to the second level we've built for them, and then hop on to the bed.

None of the cats sleep in the bed with us regularly. Shelly's bed is on the bedside table next to Gary. Lalzo's is on the bedside table next to me (although all three cats use all three beds). The top layer we've built next to my side of the bed has a big pillow as part of it, so somebody's usually sleeping there...

Last week Spooky decided she likes sleeping with me. But she waits until 2:00 or 3:00 am to join me, and then she apparently walks up to me, and lies down right on my head! She is such a spaz. She never seems to lie next to anything (or anyone - even the other cats). Nope. She's got to go right on top. Usually of somebody's head. LOL! I smushed her down into my neck area, but then she buried her nose in my armpit and it tickled so so so much. But she does this every night now. Plops down right on my head or face.
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my two kittens sleep on the bed, Roxy is always on my pillow
on top of my head, Leo is with her sometimes, sometime on my arm/feet and in between me and my husband....although they don't stay all night, usually they come to bed with me, dissapear for a few hrs and are back in the morning...
the other morning, I woke up leo was totally spread out on my pillow and I was hanging off the side of my bed, drooling because of the awkward position I was in!

my other cat piper nevers sleeps with us at night, but if I take a nap during the day she will sit on the bed, but not on me...

I love the way they purr while sleeping with me! It's so sweet..
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Yes my angel cat sleeps on the bad.
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Ophelia generally likes sleeping on my lap, or the closest to a lap that she can get. Somtimes that's in the crook of my knees, sometimes it's on my butt. She just wants a lap. Trent sleeps down by my lower legs/feet, touching in some way. Sometimes he'll just stretch a paw to touch my foot, sometimes he's stretched out length wise along my leg.

One of the mysteries of the world, how do little critters like cats manage to take up half of a queen size bed, especially when there's only 2 of them?????
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