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kitten eye goop

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I've been taking care of some outdoor kittens for the past few months now and they've grown big and playful. For being kittens of a stray living outdoors, they look and act incredibly healthy, but their eyes seem to goop up a lot more than I'd like to see. It's generally yellowish in color and when dries can cause their little eyes to seal. When this happens I've used a warm wet gauze piece to gently clean and open up their eyes. But I'd like to find a remedy to clear this problem up for them. Any suggestions??
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This should be in the Health and Nutrition section -
But to answer your question, they need to see a vet. It's possible they could have a upper respiratory infection, a form of eye infection, or feline herpes. The first two can be treated and gotten rid of, the third would be with them for life and would flair up in times of stress - but there are ways to help keep that under control too. It's also possible that it's just an allergy and they're playing in the grass and dirt - making their eyes get nasty, though for it to actually seal their eye's shut suggests that it isn't from that.

First and foremost, it's time for a vet visit. Have they had their shots? Will they be getting spay and neutered soon?
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They haven't been fixed or seen the vet yet, no. First I've got to convince my family to allow me to take them since they've been outdoor ferals up until I've swooped them under my wing. but I'm working hard on it and plan to get them all fixed up and adopted out to good homes.

Thank you for your information
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That's good of you for taking them in. Are there any local rescue groups that would be able to help you with vet care? Or know vets that may be willing to spay and neuter at a lower cost?

How old are they now and is there ever any "boogers" around their noses?
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I believe they are between 2-3 months old now. That's something I'd like to look into though, getting vet care at a lower cost for them, that'd be so helpful. They do occasionally have runny noses which I've been cleaning off with a warm damp cloth.
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^ It could be a cold then (upper respiratory infection). Don't forget to ask in Caring for Strays and Ferals. There's people with plenty of experience rescuing strays and ferals that frequent that section and should be able to advise you on what you can do to help save money but get them the vet care they need. Don't forget to mention your age/ that you have to talk your family into helping.

Will your family not allow the kittens to be brought inside? It would be for the best to help them get better and once they get to the vet - if they need any follow up care.
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Last November I rescued a few week old kitten that I found on my back porch.. it was starting to get cold outside so I insisted on bringing her in. I bottle fed her and she saw the vet and received shots.. everything seemed good but she ended up not making it.. I'm not sure why but I thought she might have had other things wrong with her internally since she was a stray and her mother was quite old and rejected her. Ever since then it's been pretty sketchy with my family and me bringing things home.. since we already have a cat and 2 dogs they won't let me bring these guys into our home.

I will check out the section for strays and ferals, thank you very much for your advice.
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