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Daily Thread Monday July 28th

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Morning folkies!

Its going to be a beautiful sunny day today, and I am done work at 2:30 today

Only 5 more days until I go to Ottawa to see my man again..I can't even wait!

Tonight just going to come home to put away laundry, clean and fun stuff like that.

Going to try to choose my wedding colours today

Have a great day everyone!
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Just waiting for a load of sheets/towels to finish so I can hang on clothesline.
Then off to a clients house and then some errands (if I'm not too dirty!)
Nothing else too exciting-sunny, high of around 81F and a little humidity.

Have a good one!!
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Just came back from Ottawa last night! Nice city, but we didn't have time to explore.
Looks like some sunny weather for the next couple of days, before the rain storms start in again.
Have a good day everyone!
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Today is shelter day, then lunch with my wife.

Ella is settling into the household, and Sterling is no longer the absolute boss he thought he was.
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I am just about to go to work. I work 8:45-3 today. I am not looking forward to it since I am sunburnt so bad.
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Its only 5:26 am here but we have so much to do. We should get our keys to te House today and Adt is coming there. Our Phone is shut off here now and is on at the House.
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Morning All!!!

Can't make up it's mind whether it wants to be sunny or cloudy today.

Heading off to work shortly, am hoping for a quiet day so I can escape a bit early.

Have a couple of errands to run after work, then home for a lazy evening.

The kitties are tearing around the house like banshee's right now but I am sure they will tire out soon..

Everyone have a great day
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Today is totally hot hot HOT! And once again, I'm hating it

Not up to much today, knackered from the weekend. It was around 30.C all day Saturday AND Sunday, and went riding and to Alton Towers, and was totally worn out, because of the heat aswell.

Went to work with my mom today, then came home, relaxed and right now I am sat infront of a big fan with the window right open, catching up on TCS! Later is supposed to be thundery showers

Have a good day peeps!
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Originally Posted by lauracatlover View Post
Today is totally hot hot HOT! And once again, I'm hating it
Let's switch weather!!

I would LOVE if I could say that about here... But nope, cold, cloudy, and yucky again today. It was barely 50 when I left. Probably will get to about 65 here... What kind of July is this?

So phew, last week I had some long posts, eventful days, both good and bad. Not much today! Work is pretty normal, don't expect a late day. Got some good housework done over the weekend, so just a little house work today. Will probably help my mom with her accounting homework, play with the dogs and cuddle the kitty, and that's about it!

Speaking of my Evie-kins, she was late for her cuddles this morning! So unfortunately, despite her jack-hammer purring, I had to surgically remove her from my chest so I could get up and go to work. Then she decided it's time for a new favorite toy (she killed her green Easter toy wand), and rather than use the other kitty toys, she seems to be reverting back to her favorites being my hair ties!

Everyone have a happy Monday, despite how much of an oxymoron that seems to be!
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It is a beautiful day here. Sunny, clear and it will be about 80 F.

My kids are both still sleeping - it's about 10 am. DH is still working at home so I guess he is going to be telecommuting today.

I am going to try a new yoga movement class today. I am not really a yoga person but my friend Marsha talked me into it.
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Originally Posted by BelongsToEvie View Post
Let's switch weather!!
Yes please! Right now it is absolutely pouring it down and Mitzi isn't too keen on all the thunder. lol

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Had a pretty busy day here today! This morning i did a few things around the house. After that I went to my sister's house (both afternoon shifts) and took care of her animals. I let their dogs run around for about an hour in the house and played with them and took care of their animals (2 ferrets, 1 rat, 2 crabs, 1 fish, 3 dogs,4 cats) Their newest little Chinese Crested (Toby- the one i rescued from the puppy mill bust when i worked for AC) let me pet him today and kissed me!!!!! (he never does that- that soo made my day!!!) After i let them all run around and gave them lots of treats and love, i put them back up and went on my way to run some errands.

I stopped by Taco Bell and got some yummy dinner to go (I haven't had that stuff in ages- it was sooo yummy!!!). Then i went and picked out a birthday card for Colin and some gift wrap/etc for his present. After that i came home and worked on his present for about 3 hours - just got it finished I'm definitely looking foward to tomorrow though- it's both my birthday and his
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