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Obsessed with Eyes!

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Shadow just started the funniest thing last night! He got in my face and stared me in the eyes. He continued to stare until I had to blink. Then he thought that was amusing I guess because he pawed my eyes (thankfully without claws) it was like he knew to be gentle. Since then he gets on my shoulder and meows until I look at him. He is obsessed with my eyes now! He has also got an obsession with the cursor on the computer screen now as well. I think his prey drive is kicking in! Im not sure if I should allow him to do these things but they are so cute and he is having fun!
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Cats communicate by blinking. A few slow blinks means "you're ok and i'm ok".
The cursor is an interesting toy. He'll probably lose interest once he finds a better one.
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Thats cute! But careful he doesn't swat your eyes with dirty paws (litterbox/food etc) you could get eye infection.
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Awwww, that is too cute!
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Sport does the same thing. I am very trusting with him. He stares me in the eyes and then gently pats my nose with one of his paws. Cats are the most awesome animals...aren't they !!!

Rob & Sport
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Could also be a dominance game. Staring each other in the eyes is all about who is domiant. The pawing at your eye could be an intrest in your eye lashes. To a kitten anything that moves is a good toy.
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heheh that is beautiful. jellow tends to lick my eyes a lot
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Murray likes to come up to me and stick his face right into mine. I don't know whether it's a dominance game, or what, but I think it's very cute.
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