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He's a big boy for only 9 months old! He takes up the whole sink.

Sounds like Rowdy is going to be happy to have a playmate since that's above Opie.
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I seem to be having some problems, with posting, today. My computer screen becomes obscured, at odd times.
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He's so handsome! Love the bathroom pic!
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Cindy, HE IS GORGEOUS!!!! Shelly's a tuxedo, and we LOVE them!!! But a long hair too.... oooooo, he must be so soft!

I'm so glad you brought him home!!! Gosh, I just can't get over how handsome he is. Opie and Rowdy'll get used to him just fine. Spooky wouldn't let Laz or Shel get anywhere near her for two weeks, she was always batting at them. Now they're just piles of kitties. Opie and Rowdy will find Buddy makes a fine pillow.

(Funny. Our Shelly loves the bathroom sink too.)

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LOL!! Love the pic with him in the sink! He is so handsome! I'm glad he's fitting in so well.
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Cindy, the image of Buddy's face was bugging me all last night, but I couldn't figure out why... then this morning it hit me!! My brain was trying to say "Hey, with those eyes and that goatee spot, he looks like an Egyptian Pharoah!":egypt:

I went for the voucher today and my friend didn't know where the administration building was, so she took me to the adoption center. They also had a big black and white kitty with a squeaky little meow.. it was heartmelting! Awwww...

I barely escaped without scooping up another furfriend for my kitties...
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Oh my, Buddy is a total Babe!
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He's absolutely adorable !!!!!!! Glad you were able to help him out!!

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Rowdy finally came up and bumped noses with Buddy and they were chasing each other's tails, a while ago.

Rowdy got miffed because Buddy beat her to the food bowl, though. Opie always sits back and lets her eat first.

Whew! I don't know how long its been, since Buddy was groomed but I'm combing some major mats, out of his coat. I have enough hair, to make another cat. He's got a really bad one, inside of his right rear leg, that I'm going to have to cut out. Have to wait for my assistant, though. To do that, I need more hands than I've got.
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Rowdy and Buddy are now friends. They have been playing with each other.

Bill and his sister say that I have to wear an electonic monitoring bracelet, to keep me out of the Humane Society.

Opie and Buddy are at the front door, chatting with the neighbor cat. I guess that Buddy is getting the lowdown on everything.
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Lol! I'm sure they're giving him an earful. So nice to hear that everything has worked out so well. Hooray for Buddy!
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I'm so glad Buddy is fitting in!! Sounds like such a cute little lover. I love the picture of him in the bathroom! It's nice to have one that likes to cuddle, isn't it? Keep posting pics of that handsome guy.
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Bill and his sister say that I have to wear an electonic monitoring bracelet, to keep me out of the Humane Society
Ha! My husband get's panicky whenever I mention the shelter. (He loves our cats, but three of them are plenty for now.)
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