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My cat suddenly seems to have dandruff!! When I was brushing her last night it looked like dandruff. What can I do. She is an indoor cat.
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Dry, flaky skin is often (but not always) caused by a sub-optimal diet. What are you feeding her?
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I feed her different kinds of dry food all the time. If I stick with one brand, she seems to get bored and just cries.
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My vet suggested giving my cat fish oil capsules for his dandruff, but he wouldn't eat his food when I opened the capsules and sprinkled them on his food. But maybe you would have better luck.

My vet also recommended brushing him more often, and that has seemed to help a bit with the dandruff.
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Hi, my new cat had terrible dandruff until I switched him to Dr. Pitcarin's natural diet. The diet includes raw meat grains and a little vegetable ( there is a whole bunch of recipes in the book) but I think the Healthy powder supplement is very important. Anyway in just three weeks he gleams- no dandruff.
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In addition to diet, regular brushing the coat, to bring up flakes stuck near the skin, really helps.
It will look worse before it looks better because you are releasing the flakes buried in the fur.
It take a few times but brushing really helps.
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