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Stray kitty! Possibly has kittens!

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There's a little gray kitty that's been hanging around our apartment. She seems to be laying being one of the neighbor's apartment alot so I thought that maybe they owned her, but I doubt it. She looks pretty scraggly though, so it makes me think that no one owns her.

Well, all this time I thought she was a kitten, but when I was looking at her today(she got closer then she's ever been, about 5 feet away) I saw that her nipples are big and pink. So, I'm thinking that she must have recently given birth because she looks really skinny, like my cat did after giving birth.

I've been feeding the kitty since I saw her about a week ago and she always comes behind the apartment when I'm out there, but if I go towards her she backs up and hisses. She's pretty feral, but knows that people mean food, so she stays til she sees I drop some food, then, once I'm gone, she'll come eat it.

My question is, is there anything I can do to help her. How can I find the kittens? I can't take in mom without them. :\\

Oh yeah, here's a pic:

*you can see one of her nips in the pic, they're pretty obvious.
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No advice/suggestions?
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At this point, mama kitty probably has her babies pretty well hidden, especially if they're still tiny. My advice would be to continue what you're doing for now and work to gain her trust. Once she feels she can trust you, there's a very good chance she'll bring the kittens to you. I've seen this happen in a number of cases. Once she does, you can trap her (if need be) and get a hold of the kittens.
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Thank you. I'll contue feeding her. Maybe if I get some wet food then she'll come a wee closer.

Yesterday they were doing construction and she couldn't here me coming up to her. I managed to sit down right next to her without her noticing, but she she turned and saw me she went BERSERK! I hope I didn't give the poor thing a heart attack. :\\

Awwww....I hope she brings her kittens!
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I am sorry it took me some time to answer you. She certainly does look scraggily. Food will gain her trust if you are consistent. That is how I came to add another cat to my family. Wet food to is the best to do this because they can smell it from far away and they like it.
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