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What kind of job(s) would your cat(s) have?

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It's been 85+ degrees here in Cleveland most of the week. My apartment's on the first floor and mostly underground, so it rarely gets really hot, but I've been running the air during the day so the boys will be comfortable. This morning I was joking with my boyfriend that Rocky and Oliver will have to get jobs to help me pay the electric bill. That got me thinking -- what would they be good at if they had to get "human" jobs?

I think Oliver would make a really good barista (despite not having opposable thumbs). He'd probably require a scratch behind the ears before letting anyone order.

Rocky could be good at tech support, and he'd be more helpful than a lot of the "customer care" people I've had to deal with lately.
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Chynna would be good at anything that involved digging!

Abby is such a lady and doesn't like to get her paws dirty or her hair out of place, so she wouldn't survive being anything but what she is, a pampered kitty!
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I don't know, I've only had Mitzy for a day and I was asleep for most ot it and then work. But I think he'd make a good teacher...for the preschool kids. He's so calm and loving.
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Aristotle would be ideal in pest control - as long as he got to play with the dead pest afterwards.

Topaz could be a nurse. She would lay beside me while I recovered from my accident a couple of years ago. (But when I was better, I was again delegated to my former use - can opener. )
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Ana would be an entertainer of gentlemen

Farley a lawyer - he likes to argue!

Not sure about Demetri, he likes to tidy things up so maybe a cleaner?
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Noodles would be the Inspector General. Mooch I could see as an Activities Coordinator.
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Bandit, would be a dishwasher, she always is in the sink when I do dishes.

Scuddel, he would be a lifeguard, when I shower he sits on the edge of the tub.

Tuffy, would be the Arrowhead man, he loves to play with the empty bottles and you can find him sleeping in the box with the bottles.

Piglet, she would work for herself, she can't deal with others telling her what to do. She is a diva.

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Get out of my head, I was just thinking this same thing this morning

Severino-A chef, he watches me cook all the time.
Joey- No job, he is too busy stalking me
Lucia-Sophia's assistant
Mario-He's retired
Pepino-Kitty toy tester
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Luvbug - If it paid, a therapy cat since he is so loving. Otherwise a therapist specializing in accupuncture.
Kuce - a supervisor or massage therapist.
Lil' Jag - Drama actress.
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Fluffy could be a great massage therapist. She always assists when I give my DH a massage. She will push my hands away and knead in the area I was working. She doesn't even mind the oil.
Scooter, Pearl, and Pepper could be mattress testers.
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Stimpy would be a quality control tester for couches.

Nabu doesn't "do" work.
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Joey- No job, he is too busy stalking me
He could be a Paparazzi!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
He could be a Paparazzi!
Good one
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Popsie would be a good food critic. He's so darn picky about what he eats.
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Good idea for a thread! We often did this at college with the horses

Maisie I think would be a ditzy old lady in her own antique shop ( She reminds me of Alice in Vicar Of Dibley )

Kitty would be like a male version of Paris Hilton
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Well, I had to think about Monsters profession. There are a few things he could do... one of them being a massage therapist since he always wakes everyone up by kneading. He could also be a professional stuntman. But I think he would make an excellent animal groomer.. Since he is always grooming himself.

Mittens, I would have to say I could see her being a pro taste tester. She loves to eat, and sample whatever im eating (if it won't kill her, of course).
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Polly would take a job on a whim, get distracted by a rock or carboard box and not make it to work, get fired and end up unemployed.
Molly would be a professional princess.
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Soooo funny but think of that they are all cats. I could see all your kitties are unique and definitely have "cattitudes".

My baby-cat...I was thinking what she could do if she was a human..either a personal body-guard or a bouncer at a security check point. Or, may be a female 007
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No jobs for my 3.
Everytime I go to work at the Day Care, I always leave the TV on for the cats to keep them company. I put it on "Clean House".....with the hopes that one day i`ll come home and find that they have learned something from the show and actually done some work around the house for me......but alas, not yet! They are usually just napping on the job and only become alert when I put the key in the door....(no doubt hoping for a treat...which they always get...whether they have earned it or not!) :-)
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Butzie would be a herpetologist because she loves lizards so much.
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Hmm, I think Agatha would be a bodyguard, since she has to be wherever I am.

Either that or the front desk clerk in a hotel. She would be perfect making the 5 AM wakeup calls!
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Coriander: Hhhhmm. A tour guide? I get the vibes from her. Or perhaps a boxer, she always gets into fights and comes out with the injuries.
Fina: Telephone answerer. No question. She likes to talk but is snappy.
Piper: DOG TRAINER! She's got my Retriever wrapped around her finger.
Poppy: Probably a wildlife photographer or an explorer.
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Is there a job that would allow one to lie around like a great big lump? If so, that would be perfect for Zane, as that is what he is best at.
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Talley will be an aide or executive assistant - she loves to help with anything and everything. Today it was changing out a sink drain and yesterday it was ironing drapes.

Zoey will be a CEO - directing everyone.
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Forrest would definitely be a stand-up comedian. He is constantly walking through the house talking and keeps us entertained by being clown like and a buffoon.

Lilly would make an EXCELLENT personal assistant. She reminds us when to get up, when to go to sleep, when we should be working at our desks and most importantly when to put the kibbles in her bowl. You could set a clock by her.
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I think Mitzi would be good in the police, as she stands no messing, and if you do anything to annoy her...CHOMP!
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ROSIE : A chat show host

SOPHIE : A demure Lady of the Manor

JACK : An athlete!!
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Hennessy would be a supervisor, like at a construction site.

"Put that over there! No one inch to the right! Half an inch to the left! You all are morons!" *Stalks off in disgust*
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Lani would be a good security guard. She sits in the window for hours at a time keeping an eye on what's going on in the neighborhood.

Sparky is too busy to work, she just wants to have fun.
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I love this topic!

ReeRee would be a state trooper.

Fiona would be an athlete. (I have not seen a more athletic cat!)

Rocko would be senior management....occasionally come out to kick some butt and make sure everyone is sufficently aware of his presence (and slightly nervous because he is so big) than go back to doing nothing (napping) till he can retire in a year or two to a sunny locale.
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