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i live in riverside,ca and my neighbor & i trapped one of the "parking lot" strays i'm feeding to get him neutered. we're gestimating him to be about 5 years old. he's a black short-hair and very, very friendly. one of those cats that lets you pet him the first time you see him. i live less than a mile from UCR and his former owner (student) moved w/out him. i already have 9 cats and a small house and can't take anymore. he's staying with my neighbor who already has cats for now. i'm making an appointment in the morning to get him fixed & vaccinated.
this is not a life & death situation. we're doing the TNR. but he's so friendly and easygoing it's such a shame. when we got him tonight i just took a carrier, picked him up and put him in . he just let me. i can't do that with any of my own.
on the off chance anybody out there willing to give him a forever home i deliver anywhere in socal area. thanks, connie