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Pre-travel jitters!

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I think I'm gonna

It just hit me....in a day I'll be conquering two of my biggest fears.

I'll be flying.
I'll be letting PJ & Punky go.

Admittedly, to an awesome home, but it's not any easier.

I have all this packing to do - for me & them. There are so many things I want for them in their new life that they cannot have go with (Uncle Dorian, a cat tree, me). They have settled in so well here, finally became adept at avoiding Ophelia (who would love nothing more than to kill them).

They sleep with me at night, Punky crawls on my head & chews my hair after my alarm goes off, then he gets some lovin.

I have to stuff them in a kennel for a 3 hour car ride. They then get put into carriers, hauled back out to go through security, then back in for up to 2 hours (depending on how long it takes to get through security). Then we have a 3 hour flight. An hour drive once we land to their new home. Seems like a lot for them, but I think they'll do alright. They specifically attached to me, which will help with them always being with me.

Yesterday at work, my sleep deprived brain went through the entire "worst case scenario" stuff....
What if the plane crashes? (I should never have watched Final Destination )
What if sharky's really a psycho ax murderer? (Right...be a member of TCS for over 3 years to lure someone with two cats to kill them )
What if PJ & Punky don't adjust well? (They'll be fine..)
What if they aren't happy there? (See above...they'll be fine!)
Will Ben step on them? (How will that be different from Macey stepping on them?)
What if either of Da Boyzz gets loose in the airport? (Just be tough, meowmy!)

OK, I'm just really not happy about letting them go anywhere, but it's probably what's best for them, even if it sucks for me!

The person going with me will flip if I start crying, so I have to try to be strong! (That will never work)
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I totally can sympathize with the fear of the whole flying thing. I now travel with meds (supposedly since 9/11, but really before that, even).

The kitties will be fine. Honestly - how much do they sleep a day? Plus they have each other! They are going to an awesome new home, and will probably just snooze the whole way.

You will have a much harder time. Maybe take some Benedryl before - or Dramamine? About 2 hours before the flight, and then you will be very sleepy right around takeoff.

When is the trip exactly? So I can be thinking of you?
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Well, it's gonna kinda suck for me. I normally wake up at noon. I have to be up at 4AM. Pick my friend up at 5:30, so have to leave home at 5AM. 3 hour drive, & I'm directionally challenged. It's this friday we travel out.

Get back in Monday, picking up a kitty from a TCS member to bring back with me as it needs a home. If she's preggo, she'll be on hold for adoption. If not, she'll go up for adoption right away.

Dramamine + Natalie = projectile Bad combo, I found out the hard way once!

I'd rather not taking anything, with that amount of drive ahead of me. They have a vet appt the same day they arrive, so I want to be (relatively) sane enough to relate enough of their history....and hopefully not scare her vet too much.
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Natalie, you're a stronger woman than I am!! I'd be hid in a closet with both of them if I was in your situation! Many calming for you and Da Boyzz.
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You'll be fine! Flying is safer than driving. However, try and get me on a flight that goes over water and I'd probably kill you in the process!! But then again that fear is actually about drowing, not crashing, but then again the plane would have to crash for me to drown, but I'd probably be killed on impact so it's a moot point!

Seriously, you'll be fine

The first time I flew I was terrified. I was on an isle seat and refused to let anyone open up a blind anywhere within my range of sight! And I had my feet braced against the legs of the seat in front of me, and I'm surprised that the arm of my co-worker next to me didn't have to be amputated cause I hung on so tight that her circulation was cut off. On the way home wasn't so bad.

The last time I flew I even asked for window seats!

It sounds like you have quite the trek between driving and flying, but you'll manage just fine, and so with PJ and Punky!
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At least you can fly with them!! I cant fly with my kitties!! :cry:
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IT will all be fine... ...
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
What if sharky's really a psycho ax murderer? (Right...be a member of TCS for over 3 years to lure someone with two cats to kill them )

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Everything will be fine, Nat, including you. You'll probably be surprised at how boring flying actually is. Just be sure to insist that the carriers/cats are checked out by security in a closed room, and there shouldn't be any trouble.
Hey, we want some pictures, so don't forget your camera.
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[quote=white cat lover;2355672]

What if sharky's really a psycho ax murderer? (Right...be a member of TCS for over 3 years to lure someone with two cats to kill them )

Sorry nate, i did try to work out a way, to come do the flying myself. But it did not work out

oh wait, i could be a axe murder also
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Nat your minds on overdrive!

Here take these but not all at once. I'm sure there'll be more kittens that can chew your hair in the near future

Just remember to take pictures like Tricia said!.
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good luck and I can hardly wait for the run down. - you know the play by play
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As far as the safety of flying is concerned, you are safer flying every day for a year than you are riding in a car to the airport one day. Statistics just aren't that comforting, are they?
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Well, they're either still driving or at the airport getting sorted out.
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My friend, don´t give up!,
Originally Posted by taterbug View Post
Natalie, you're a stronger woman!
...for sure my friend!..

Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
What if sharky's really a psycho ax murderer? (Right...be a member of TCS for over 3 years to lure someone with two cats to kill them )
Oh My!...... she´s been waiting for you!...

Oh Nat how you figured that!.......you made my day with this!...

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
for you and the kiddos!..
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Awww, Nat, I know this is a big deal for you and the boys, but you're tough and can handle it. Just think how great it will be once the boys finally get home to Sharky. What a happy ending!
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I can understand your nervousness Nat, but like everyone said it will be okay You can cuss us all out when you are in the air and nervous for the boys
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It will all be fine! Lots of vibes and prayers will be going out to you!
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Lots of vibes for everyone!

I can't wait to see PJ & Punky in their new home
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Sending lots of calming for all 3 of you!
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Aww, Nat, it will be just fine. I was scared to death when I first started travelling, too. I'd have these horrible stress dreams about all the things that could go horribly wrong...but they never happened. You'll do great and the cats are going to a wonderful home. (Unless sharky's spent years and years doing all that research on cat health just so she could fool us all and lure you in...seems like a lot of effort, though. )

Try to relax and enjoy the trip. Sending you loads of calming vibes.
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I used to love flying until the airlines cut back on everything. Seriously, that is the worst part of it. I always think of the exciting places I am going to.
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My mind in overdrive is thinking in a most unlogical manner.

I'm trying to pack lightly, so it all fits in one suitcase, & am being most unsuccessful!

We leave in 14 hours...... am I'm still really paranoid.
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I'll be thinking of all of you, and I'm sure it will be just fine.
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sending you good travel vibes - too bad you don't have something to text us with on your trip.
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The key to relaxing on an airplane a bit is bringing earplugs with you, an ipod or music player of some sort and several of your favorite magazines!!! It makes the whole thing go by much easier!

Good luck and have a safe light Natalie!!! You are doing such a wonderful thing for those lucky little kitties! Jen is going to give them such a wonderful home!!! Congrats on your new soon to be additiongs Jen!!!!!
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Maybe we should send vibes that PJ and Punky raise such a ruckus during the trip that you'll have no time to be nervous, just nervewracked by their wails?
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
Maybe we should send vibes that PJ and Punky raise such a ruckus during the trip that you'll have no time to be nervous, just nervewracked by their wails?
Oh please don't....being the boys they are, I know they'll raise all heck!

sharky has internet access, so I'll hopefully be able to pop on or have her pop on to let you guys know we all made it OK. I have to text like a zillion people when I get there so they know I'm safe....I have like 3 mothers here worrying about me.
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Nat, that butterfly convention in your stomach is the pits, isn't it! All will be well. Nothing untoward can possibly happen with all the that are gathering to support you -- and they reproduce like rabbits, you know.

And you, my dear, are stronger than your fears.
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I thought you had already left!
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