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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, July 16th!

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Good morning! Another hot and sweaty summer day ahead of us today!

Today's question of the day...

Do you pay your bills online, by mail, or in person?

For years I've paid all my bills by mailing a check. Since the last raise in postage stamps, I've been switching all of my bill paying to on-line. I've been fuming about the high price of postage for a couple of years now, but this past rate raise was the final straw! I've decided that I will only purchase a few stamps at a time, for things like birthday or sympathy cards, and try to do EVERYTHING else on-line!
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My husband does it all and he does it online
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Most of my bills get paid by direct debit, so it will go straight out of my bank account on a certain much easier for me!
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Mostly by phone or at the bank machine...
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I pay most of mine online, but there is one I still mail. My bf pays the household bills, and he still mails them all. He's weird about online money stuff
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Online and by mail.
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Both. Just depends on which bill. I mean comeon, there are so darn many!
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hola :wavery:Buen dÃ:censor:a,...

Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
Do you pay your bills online, by mail, or in person?
I use to pay in person..... the long lines formed...take your time, ...NOW the majority is On Line!... I use to pay everything with credit card and next only made the total pay by internet...
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Hubby does all of the bill paying by mail. He collects stamps so one way or another, the stamps are going to be purchased anyhow. We even take the outgoing mail to the post office instead of leaving it in our box.
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I pay the few bills we have online. I plan on paying as many as possible online when we begin to have the house-related bills. My cell phone bill is an automatic payment.

My parents pay all their bills online now too.
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
My husband does it all and he does it online
I pay them by Husband. & He does them online & by Phone.
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I pay mine all online. It's just easier, I think.
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My hubby pays all the bills on-line. It is nice cause we have proof if any problems come up saying they did not receive payment (that has only happened twice but still).
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I pay all but one of them online. One of my credit cards (for the store I work at) can be paid right at the cash register and it is instantly put on your card so no waiting for the payment to go through. I figure since I work there anyways, I might as well do it that way and pay with my debit card so it comes right from the bank.
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mostly online, some by direct debit. I hate it when I have to mail a bill in!!
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We still mail the few we have in. Never really gave it much thought to do it any other way!!
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All my bills get paid direct out of my bank account on set dates each month. It's called a direct debit in the UK, so for example my mobile phone bill will be posted out to me, then two weeks later the money leaves my account and goes direct to T -Mobile.
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Household ones Rob deals with, mostly at the ATM, but some online. My personal stuff I do as much as I can online. We do almost nothing by mail.
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My SO pays most of the bills, by mail. I do direct bill pay for my two bills.
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I pay all my bills online. simply, easy and I can do it at night, when the kids are in bed, no distractions. I also like that I have a record of exactly when and how much was paid.
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I pay most of my bills by check - mainly so I have a receipt. Sometimes I'll use my debit or credit card if I'm ordering something online, but only if I trust the website. I rarely pay for anything in cash anymore - even at the stores.

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Most of them are direct pay from my bank account. One bill is charged to my credit card. The credit card I pay on line.

I write checks for the odd things that come up. Like parking tickets and the recent donation that Chester made to the animal shelter.
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Most of my bills are paid online.. and some are set to auto-pay, like my mortgage. There are still a handful that have to be done the old fashioned way. And then the occasional bill that has to be paid by check.

I even pay my property taxes online!
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My husband pays most of our bills online through his checking account he has set up. On occassion though we do mail a few in- we try to do everything online though.
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