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An Update and more bad news *vibes*

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My oldest is now doing better. Says his head still hurts a little but not like it did. I think my middle son is at his peak on whatever illness they have. I did some research and some kids with strep never complain about their throat just their head hurts and tummy hurts. So maybe that is what this all is after all.

Now the bad news. My friend, my neighbor, a girl that is like a little sister to me just had to go to the hospital 15 mins ago. I was sitting over at my house and one of her boys came over and said my mommy needs you. As I am walking over another says my mommy is crying. So I walk in and ask whats wrong. She said her left ovary was in extreme pain. She was screaming in pain and pouring sweat. I told her boyfriend to just load her up I would make sure someone is watching her kids. Our other neighbor and friend said she would watch them. I would but see above and other thread.

Background is she has her tubes tied. And a year or 2 ago she had a miscarriage even with her tubes tied. So we are thinking either another miscarriage or a tubal pregnancy. I will know more when I call the hospital in a bit. We are thinking either a tubal or miscarriage because for the past few weeks she told me she felt pregnant. I urged her to get a test or see a doctor she said she would but never did. Right now she is in so much pain can't sit up, stand up. walk, nothing.

So please keep her in your thoughts. I will update when I know something.
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eeeeekkk :vi bes: all around to everyone poor you guys!
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Many for your neighbor.
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Thoughts and prayers for eveyone!
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oh no, many prayers headed that way for her! do keep us updated!
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
oh no, many prayers headed that way for her! do keep us updated!
sending & for your kids & your neighbor...
for you - you need them!
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Update on the boys: They are fine today. Everyone got up and ran to the table to eat. So apparently whatever they had they are over. But now my neighbors kids (the one that went to the hospital last night) are sick with the same symptoms and my kids have not been around them since Tuesday.

Update on neighbor (her name is April btw): Well going to our hospital was no help. She was there half the night (well past 2am) at the hospital. All the did was have her pee in a cup and felt her belly. Thats it no ultrasound nothing. Whatever tests they ran came back fine (they say). She tried to explain everything that has gone on with her but to no avail. They said well some stomach bug is going around thats probably what you have. The girl has traces of blood in her stool and peeing pink (I assume from blood in the urine). She is not trying to fine a doctor to see her.
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I'm glad to hear your boys are better, but April's condition doesn't sound good. for her!
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
For April......
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Glad the boys are better and prayers for April.
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Your friend really needs to see a doctor. Passing blood is not a good thing. I hope you can talk some sense into her..

I'm glad your kids are feeling better, and I hope your friend will be okay, too.

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